Tiggy and Pigmy (cat) Their Story

  • Pigmy is our cat. She's a large European Shorthair. When Tiggy got here she was really unsure about him, but wasn't really bothered by him as she was still bigger than him. As he grew and started to be come more interested in her she started to at first dislike him then it turned into a love-hate, with Pigmy hating Tiggy. Well Pigmy is very un-cat like and so when she started to act like a complete b***h, I'd scold her and squirt her.

    Then she'd start to antagonize Tiggy by purposely running through the house to get him to chase her and then turn around puff up and pop him (without claws) and then when he'd run she'd chase him for a few feet to get her point across as the "big dog". I might add that Pigmy doesn't believe she is a cat. She's also hiss at him anytime he'd even look at her.

    So over the past two weeks she has started to come back and lay in my lap again as Tiggy lays next to me. So any time Tiggy would move she'd at first his at him. I started telling her "hey, that is rude" in a sharp tone then in a pleasant tone I'd tell her to calm down and she'd relax. She has even started to clean him like she does Reggie when they are sleeping. She doesn't clean Tiggy as much as she does Reggie (Reggie gets full facials, lol). But she does give Tig a few licks. She has also stopped hissing when ever he moves and only does it if he bumps her but she has stopped getting offended and moving away.

    And the final thing that I know now she is no longer just being nasty but has accepted him, she bite him. Okay I know that sounds weird, but Pigmy gives love bites. She doesn't bite hard. What she does is she licks a few times, bites, and then gives a few more licks. She does this to my husband, Reggie and me all the time. Also she is no longer puffing up at him. And is making an effort to play with him (she plays with Reggie a lot). Also instead of chasing him like she wants him to go away forever, she does the hopping chase and then waits for him to come back.

    So in the end they are slowly starting to bond and get along very well. I had figured it would take a little bit because Pigmy is 6 and has been used to pretty much just the boxer over the past 4 yrs and never a puppy.

  • Aw, it sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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