Pictures of Gaia

Photographs of our 9 week old Basenji named Gaia


Who is her breeder?

The kitty is bigger than she is!

OMG I love this pic

Just too cute, is your siamese a flame point? Looks almost like a flame, or maybe lilac, either way both cat and pup are adorable.

sigh one day I'll sneak a siamese in LOL

She is so very cute… congratulations!

Ohhhh! The solid faces are my favorite!! She reminds me of Jazz when she was a puppy.
She's adorable.

Have fun!

Oh I love the third picture of them sleeping together, friends already! She is a very pretty girl and so is the cat.

Waaay too cute! Once again, happiness really IS a warm puppy.

how precious 🙂

The Siamese is a Lilac-point. She is almost 14 years old!
We once were Siamese breeders and experienced over the years that a Siamese is very easy for adults, kids and other animals.
We also have two British Shorthair's (black). They are 14 and 17 years old.
We can't cuddle these to as much as we cuddle the Siamese, and they also keep a bigger distance with Gaia.

Gaia is sooooo cute! Congrats on your new addition! 😃

She is so adorable! It's crazy how basenjis can fall asleep huh? Haha

Oh my! She is such a cutie pie!

I love the cat & puppy pictures

Basenji's are cat/dogs after all.

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