Basenji of The Month - Dynamic Duo (February)

  • I would like to introduce Ricco and Mia from Medfly

    Ricco and Mia came to Medfly shy and scared. Mia is now a love bug , Ricco is still working on it. Quick to adjust, they are looking for a quiet experienced home.

    Medfly Website they are listed under the available basenjis right side 7th down

    The info above is all the I have right now, I am waiting to hear back from Medlfy, should be later today πŸ˜‰

  • I so hope they can find the right home and go together.
    Lovely dogs.

  • Because puppy mills and petstores are so prevalent in Southern California, Medfly often has so many dogs available. It is so sad to see how many people impulse buy a basenji and then just dump them when they become "too much work". And these madatory spay/neuter laws that Southern California wants the whole state to adopt will not help. They can not even honestly evaluate themselves and see how their disposable attitudes have created this problem.

  • Sweet little Ricco and Mia were at Medfly when I went down last year in April to adopt Tyler and Zoey. Tyler and Zoey came from a BYB in SoCal who was moving out of the state. Karen and Chuck do a fantastic job matching their rescues to the right people–but unfortunately, this means that some of them are there for quite some Tyler and Zoey and Ricco and Mia.....the pairs take longer to adopt out. I was worried about taking on two younger Bs when I had only been handling one senior B for years--but am so so happy Tyler and Zoey and I found each other. I hope someone adopts Ricco and Mia soon.

  • This is the type of venue that might be the key to get these dogs a home.
    Most of us are basenji loves and we have friends who "might" work for some of the dogs posted here.
    I do so hope so!

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