Cow hooves

Are cow hooves ok for 8 week old puppies?


I would not recommend them, but I don't give my guys anything like that


Are cow hooves ok for 8 week old puppies?


I don't like the cow hooves either… they can splinter and they can break the teeth of an adult Basenji.... and look out if you ever step on one with bare feet...
I would stick to nylabones or things like the bully sticks..

Zoey had two broken teeth when I got her–I think it was from cow hooves....I won't use them at all either.

Ok. Thanks for the input. I'll go find some more Nylabones. Do you prefer the edible or just the regular and puppy nylabones?

For puppies they do well with the regular ones… I like the ones with the nibbs on them the ones that look like they have little spikes in them..gggg
They are good for teething...
And I still like the bully bones too...

I will give puppies cow hooves but not after the adult teeth come in. I have had dogs crack teeth on those things and I just won't give them anymore.

I'm in the "I've had dogs chip teeth on them" camp too. And the "It hurts like he77 when you step on them" camp. And they stink.

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