Growling at Other Dogs


Ditto!! I had someone respond to me once…"well why is he out in public?!!!" :mad: to which I quickly responded..."same reason why YOU are!" :mad:

Yeah..I'm just the wrong person to be nasty to..especially when it comes to my dogs 😃

Great comeback!!!!!

We have had the same problem with Dash. I have been seeing a trainer and eventually, if need be we will see a behaviorist. She reccommended first–make him sit for everything so it is common to hear and second nature. Give him a treat. On walks bring the treats with you and when another dog is approaching make him sit and give him the treat. She recommended getting a gentle leader as well, which we are getting next week. I was hard on a regular leash to get his attention once he saw the dog. I will say just standing in front of him and shoving hot dogs in his mouth did seem to help. At least he associated dogs and strange people with food. He only growled once for the entire walk. I was very surprised. I am going to try the gentle leader and I think that will make a world of difference. I have a Halti but I guess it fits different. Anyway, I can keep you posted.

hello, I've just joined this forum. I have a beautiful 9 yr old basenji boy. I didn't get him neutered as a pup because the registered breeder I got him from advised against it. In hindsight, I should have followed my strong instincts and had him neutered as a pup. As an adult he is very aggressive towards male dogs and if he has the opportunity, will actively try to pick fights. As a pup I took him with mey everywhere, markets, lure coursing, walks EVERY day in the neighbourhood to socialise with other dogs and people. Now as adult dog he is turning me into a nervous wreck, he is a nightmare to walk as he just pulls as hard as he can for the ENTIRE walk. Once, and only once in 9 years the leash came loose and he goaded another dog into a fight, it was a nightmare, thank god the other dog's owner finally came because the other dog was shaking poor Sam (my basenji) like a rabbit. The other day, a gardener let Sam out even though I'd warned him to wait while I got Sam inside, the upshot was was that Sam ran into a yard and tried to attack the two MASSIVE resident dogs (one of whom was a rottweiler) and thank god the owner finally came and herded his dogs away. I don't know what to do about Sam's aggression, I hardly walk him now because it is such a nerve wracking excersize as Sam will try to fight ANY male dog that comes near. I live on a 1 and quarter acre property with alot of trees so he still has alot of room to run around, but it breaks my heart because I know he really wants to go out. He is a big, stocky basenji and when he pulls with all his might on the lead it's just horrible, and coupled with the fear of other dogs coming up to him and what might happen it just makes walking Sam a nerve wracking experience. I walk my other dog (a greyhound )every time I go out and it's an absolute pleasure, if Sam would behave a bit I'd take him with me everywhere, but I'm at the stage where I'm just plain frightened. Can anyone tell me if desexing would calm him down a bit? I really, really need some advice. He has lived with me since he was 8 wks old.

I acquired EL D when he was 4 yrs old (retired champion show dog :)) and had just been neutered. He is still rather aggressive to other dogs but not overly so (never outright attacking).
When we met other dogs while on walks I used to just tell him "it's okay, be nice" in an attempt to calm him. But when I started taking him to obedience class (yeah I know he's a little old for O.C. but he did great) the instructor told me that I was really encouraging him - "okay keep doing that". So now I tell him "No" when he gets hackles up and he listens pretty well - the hackles don't go down but he doesn't pull at the leash either. Once or twice the other dog has been really aggressive (scary) and I've just picked up EL D and carried him away - that worked well too because I could feel him calm down.

If I tried to pick up Sam and carry him away from a fight he would have a go at me. When he is worked up and I've tried to get him away he has bitten me. In every other respect he is a wonderful dog whom I love v much. I find it interesting that I haven't come across any other basenjis in this forum as aggressive as mine. Sam doesn't just growl or snap at other male dogs he actively pushes them and tries to goad them into fighting. I'm beginning to think that Sam is a particularly 'rambunctious' pup?

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