• Hi my name is Lana and i have 4 dogs all girls. i am hope to meet people around my area to get the insite of pet grooming. I am in school online and need somewhere and someone to help with my exerises.:)

  • Not much grooming for Basenjis… nails are about it.... other then a bath every now and again...

  • I took a grooming course from a girl I helped train her dog. It was the best money I ever spent. I had looked at the on line courses, but didn't feel I would get the best exposure. I would start to practice on bathing first. Don't get water in their nose. Tip their head up and use a slow spray on their face. I found a low, slow spray does not get them upset if you hold it to their head. Some dogs can't have their ears wet either, some don't like their feet touched, or tails. The best experience comes with exposure. If you need help their are a lot of people on this site who are groomers who can help.

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