How can i housebreak my basenji

  • I am having a difficult time training my Basenji. I was wondering how to train him easier.

  • What are you doing re this training?
    Do you have any type of workbook or manual to help you?
    How old is the basenji and how long have you had it?
    Ok, here is what I think.
    Keep the dog next to you.
    Keep up babygates, keep door to other rooms shut, keep the dog by your side.
    Take the dog out 2 hrs.
    Praise when it goes outside, and ignore when it pees in the house.
    More to follow with some info from you.
    Oh, where did you get this dog from, how old is the dog and have you contacted the breeder to talk to them about this?

  • @rowdylover123:

    I am having a difficult time training my Basenji. I was wondering how to train him easier.

    How old is your Basenjis? Is this a pup? if a pup then the only thing that works is being consistant.. and you have to watch the pup all the time.. take them out lots, after sleep, after eating, after play.. and inbetween. When they have an accident in the house… it is "your fault"... not the pup.... when you remember all that and that they will not be 100% till at least 6 months or so.. then you will do fine..

    And if an adult, while they can hold it longer and don't lose control like a puppy during playing... you can follow the same advise as a puppy.

  • I got my pup when he was 7 months and he was sort of house broken. When I took him to the vet I found out that part of his house breaking issues was that he had a bladder infection. If you continually have problems house breaking (like very frequent urination or peeing in the crate) you may want to have your vet test for a bladder infection just to make sure.

    Another problem I discovered was that he didn't know how to tell me he had to pee. I hung bells on the door and by having him ring them every time we went out I taught him to tell me when has to pee. It has been great. Some times he rings them just to go out and play, but mostly he rings them when he really has to go out. Now the only "accidents" he's had is when I ignore the bells b/c I am busy. (he literally peed all over the living room the other night because I ignored him)

    One other suggestion, make sure you use an enzyme cleaner on any "accident" spots. These really eat away the reminants of the feces/pee so that your b will not recognize the area as an ok place to go to the bathroom

    Other helpful tips I got was to be sure you use the same door when you take your b out and take it to the same part of the yard. Give your b LOTS of praise for going outside (and a treat if it is food motivated).

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