• I have a 4 year Female old West highland terrier and want to know should I get a male or Female Besenji?? Growing up we had a female cocker and a female Besenji and things were great? What do you all think is best?

  • It really is up to the individual dogs honestly, most people will say to have a male/female household. I have a male/male household, but my boxer is fixed. Tiggy is just about 7 months old and I have had no problems with them.

    You had mentioned before that your westie had a complicated pregnancy, has she been spayed? It would be difficult for you to have a male in the house if you don't fix her. Even if you have a male fixed.

    Best thing is talk to the breeder and ask them what would be best for your house. Me personally I prefer male dogs.

  • Yes she was spayed, when she had the c-section. Oh it was miserable. She was carrying 3 pups only one survived, and he eventually passed due to respiratory problems. Why is it that you prefer males??

  • I am sorry about the loss of the pups.

    I prefer males because I always find females to be more moody and are more hard headed when it comes to training. But that's just my opinion.

    Most of the time a male dog will bond with a woman quicker than a female dog would to a woman. Now this isn't always the case, again each dog is different.

    I guess I can't really give a good explanation of why I prefer males, it's just a personal preference

  • The best combo is typically a male/female. However your breeder should assist in what pup works best. Talk to the breeder you select, tell them you prefer a female and see what happens. They know the pups as they develop and will choose the pup that best fits. If possible it is best to visit the pups with your current dog… and see how she reacts to the pups... it is IMO best if you include the current house dog in the choice of a new pup...

  • And on top of all that, remember it is important that you go to a responsible breeder!

  • Can you reccommend one in in michigan??

  • I would agree with WBL. We had a male B and added two older females. We didn't realize how good our boy was. We love them all but the girls can be hard headed and naughty. They are basenjis after all !!!!!!

  • @pspeck:

    Can you reccommend one in in michigan??

    Go to www.basenji.org and then to breeder directory…. also check out the link to "is a basenji right for me?" there is a link there about how to find a responsible breeder.

  • I don't really think the sex of the dog is as important as their personalities. I have 1 male and 3 females, my easiest is my 3 year old female but that is just her personality. She made it very clear from very young that she would do anything to be the perfect fit for this house. They all have their quirks and challenges though. My male dog opens drawers and cabinets when he is bored and will climb on my computer desk and knock the phone off its charger. My girls will dig through the drawers and cabinets he has opened and leave their contents strewn all over the house. Rio will then greet me at the door and tell me the whole story in her unique little roos and blah, blahs. This isn't a daily occurence and we do have child locks on the drawers and cabinets to prevent them from doing it but they do find ways to keep us on our toes.

  • I have 2 males and 1 female basenji , used to have 2 females and 1 male, but age and loss, then rescue changed our ratio. This is the best combination I have ever lived with, but in large part due to the dogs personalities. They have mellowed with maturity, but got along great even when younger, they all 3 really like each other. I agree, if you can take your current dog, let the breeder meet her and see her personality, maybe they can find a pup that matches and will fit in. That is more important than the sex of the pup, IMHO.

    Anne in Tampa

  • j.m.o. or shall I say whish….....Female!

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