Yipes, can we even call this our "puppy" any more?

😃 Poor little guy – he's just about outgrown Daddy's lap. Shh, don't tell him that though. He's still pretty sure he's the perfect fit!

Aw…that is so cute! I can't believe how fast he's grown!

That is what Kobey does…ggg... Ann calls it "draping"

How big is he?

Basenji Mix


How big is he?

Keoki definately looks bigger than Jazzy. He looks very comfortable on his daddy's lap. 🙂


How big is he?

Keoki is 11 mos, and weighs about 24 lbs; he is about 18.5 inches at the shoulder.
Jazzy is 3 yrs, weighs about 20 lbs, and is roughly 16 inches at the shoulder.

Measurements are very approximate!

In winter basenji's try to be tiny lap dogs. I love winter!

EL D likes to curl up on the throw I have on the couch - easier to pull around him I guess. But by late evening he dances around as he tries to get me to go to bed - where it warmer and he knows I'll pull the blankets over him!

LOL LOL!! That's hysterical 😃 😃

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