• Hi everybody. I wanted to introduce myself and my baby boy, Dewey. I've had Dewey since 3-29-07 and he's been the light of my life since that day. He's proven to be a bit of a challenge but his behavior problems have toned down considerably as he's gotten older. He's going to be all grown up (or so he seems to think) in January when he turns 1! He is a little dog aggressive but he loves his big brother Tinker. Knowing him you'd never guess that there was anything in him but Basenji, until you look at his ears.
    Oh and I'm Courtney, Dewey's servant:)

  • Welcome Courtney and Dewey! This is a great place to get Basenji information. Those are some mighty ears on Dewey:D Do you know what he is mixed with?

  • Hi Dewey and Courtney! We just joined too…

  • Welcome to the forum!!!

  • He's got a bit of beagle in him. Thankfully, he doesn't bark like a beagle!

  • Hey Dewey!!! Glad you made it dude!!! Catch ya on Dogster!!!

    Jennifer & Hollie – Barroooooooooooooo

  • Welcome to the forum Dewey and Courtney. You'll find lots of great stuff here and be forewarned it can be addictive! 🙂

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