• Last week we had an Ice storm, snow storm and the temp dropped to 18 degrees!

  • I dont know where you got that idea from, I am not complaining about walking him here. Its not warm (as in about 40) but that is nice weather compared to some parts of the country. It isnt the weather I dont like, its that he is horrible on a leash, or I should say was. For the last 2 days for some reason he has been wonderful on our walks. It might be that I am trying harder to correct his unwanted pulling, but he walks great now. He doesnt even really pull when we walk by another dog, and he used to be really bad and just about drag me down. He is just a different dog when he goes for a walk now. I think he just knows I was going to get rid of him, and he straigtened right up!

  • Sorry for the miss understanding.

    It took a long time to get my dogs to behave on the leash. They would do perfect in train class, but then on walks act up & pull.

    Or Trainer told us that walks should on be for walking no sniffing. Potty breaks are different. Consistency is key with everyone walking the dog. Everyone has to be on the same page.

    Our dogs little by little learned that if the pretended to have to go potty they could get away with more & more sniffing. they worked me very slowly to get what they want.

    Again sorry

  • Amen… Consistency is the key... and be careful not to try and put human emotion on how your dogs act.. they are NOT human... they are only dogs... as much as we would like to think different...

  • We had to cancel our cable for about a month, and by the end of that time I had goober all trained up on manners. If your having problems forcing yourself to spend the time time to train your legendarily "untrainable" dog, try losing the tv for awhile.

  • Well, I really think that lovemybaroo's biggest problem is the baby/toddler, it makes for short time trying to fit in "another" child… and that is exactly what having a dog is, Basenji or otherwise...and regardless of the breed of dog if you do not spend time with at least basic training they will be the same and have the same issues as a Basenji... Problem with a Basenji is the minute you think "hey they got it"... they prove you wrong....
    People really need to think seriously on the committment to a pup, period...

    A few years ago I had a lady call me wanting 2 B pups.. when on to tell me that she was expecting in 2 months and wanted them asap so that by the time the baby came they would be trained and she would not have to spend much time with them and they could entertain each other and grow up with the baby... HUH??? ... I explained that it was really a bad idea and that I would not place pups with her because it was and would not be fair to her, her husband, the baby or the pups.... we did have a nice conversation... but I have no idea if she then went elsewhere and got pups.. I hope that I "knocked" some sense into her thinking...

  • I am so glad you decided to keep Baroo. We raised 3 children while owning 4 different dog breeds. Some of the dogs were chewers (the boxer and the lab) and some weren't. They all stole food from the children. One thing was for certain - the children learned to put their things up and guard their food a long time before the dogs stopped chewing and stealing food. Our boxer ate so many hunks out of plastic toys that pooper-scooping the backyard was easy - the poops all had brightly colored chunks of plastic sticking out like little flags. :eek: Now I babysit my almost 2 y/o and just turned 4 y/o grandsons one or two days a week. The 4 y/o has really learned to put his things up out of reach and to close the playroom door. The younger one hasn't caught on yet but I expect he will over the next year. (A dog can be a great educational tool - Mom or Grandma may or may not remove the toy that they threatened to take away if you didn't pick it up. The dog WILL eat it if you don't pick it up and there will be no 1-2-3 warning and no second chance! Kids learn that fast.) Meanwhile, my grandsons know what the squirt bottle is for (and so does Cory) and they yell for me to get it when Cory becomes too pesky. When I get really fed up (like at lunch time), Cory goes in her crate. Bottom line is that things will get better because either your child will learn or your dog will learn or both will learn….but things will get better. Of course, there will also be bad days. Friday, it was wet outside here and the two little grandsons and Cory were all in rare form and drove me nuts. At one point the "B500" took on a whole new meaning as I had two little boys and a basenji racing from one end of the house to the other. I was reasonably certain that my daughter was going to come home from work and find me either cradling a bottle of Capt. Morgan or a carton of Ben and Jerry….....or maybe both!!!

    Hang in there and good luck!

  • What a great post Pat… and you are right on... I love the "educate" part and that goes for adults also.... especially the pick up after yourself... or be ready to buy lots of new underwear!

  • Baroo has been much better about chewing up my son's toys lately. He never used to do it too often, just when he wanted something and I wasn't paying attention. My son is only 18 months old, so I am trying to teach him to pick up his toys, but he is still working on that concept. I have to say, my house looks like I have 10 kids living here with all the toys strewn about, but Baroo has been very good and hasn't touched one. I have been giving him rawhides to chew almost everyday, and he seems very content to just chew on that when he feels the urge now. It's like he just needed to know what was his and what wasn't because he used to get confused and thats when he would chew on things. He would mostly do it when he wanted to play and couldnt find his toy, so he would go for whatever was closest. I have gotten him more toys too, so that has also helped. I don't know what has gotten into him the past few days, but it is really like having a different dog! He has been really good and so affectionate. He thinks he is a lap dog more than ever now, and that is the only place he wants to be, and of course he is just too cute, so how do you say no to that? I am so happy we decided to keep him now.

  • Glad that it is going well and things will improve once you have him neutered also….

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