• Hello, my name is Chi and I'm new here to this forum. I have had my Basenji Moselle (Pronounced Mozelle, it's Egyptian) for almost 3 weeks. She is almost 12 weeks now and It only seems like a couple of days ago I could of swore she was my new 9 week puppy that I had just brought home from a breeder a 2 hour drive away. She is such a joy. My 2 year old son loves her now(before he was jealous of her after he realize Moselle was here to stay, not to visit). I have never had a Basenji before only German Shephards, Catahoula's, and Labs. My husband is in Iraq and he picked her out for us as a christmas gift. We have always wanted a dog, just had to find a breed that was suitable for us. Well….. It's now more like we are suitable for her. Her personality is so funny to me and she is so strong minded. She tryies to out wit me (I'm training her to sit, stay, come, etc) in everyting I do. She has not been the "stubborn" dog that I was told by her breeder that this breed tends to be. She been a delight and I actually enjoy her the "mind challenge" so to speak of her trying to outsmart me and actually 7 times out of 10 she does outwit me. But I'm a fast learner. She is just a joy to be around and I am very much so in love with her. I wasn't going to do a long post, but looks like it ended up that way. Well, Hello everyone and thank you for having us add on to the addition of this Basenji Forum. It will be nice to talk to others in the world that actaully "knows" what a Basenji Breed is and not have to get upset and explain to just about everyone around here. This will definetely be a nice change.🆒

  • welcome!! look forward to pictures of Moselle!! i'm sure you will love it here, so much great information and people!

  • Before I got my dog, I always had labs or lab mixed big dogs. Even though mine is a bit big as basenjis go, she still looks like a shrimp to me. Unbelievably fun dog. You made a good choice with this one, and the fun is just starting for you!

  • Welcome to the forum!!! It's a wonderful place with lots of info and help. We also here just as a place to talk and vent if need be

  • Welcome to the forum!


    7 times out of 10 she does outwit me. But I'm a fast learner. :

    I couldn't help but laugh when I read this, so true with Bs.

  • Hello and welcome to the forum!! Can't wait to see pics!!!

  • welcome! i think the same thing- i started training isis this year (she is 6 now) and she has learned so many tricks. this stubborn dog can be taught! i am want o post video of her 12 'tricks'- but i am lazy 😉 maybe she can train ME for a change!

  • Welcome Welcome! Before I saw Bentley I had never even heard of a Basenji. They are great lovable dogs.

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