• I got Sunshine (her kennel name, but it's where she like's to be so I kept it) from Max fund as a rescued dog from the Katrina disaster. That was two yrs ago, and I think she pretty well has me trained by now. She's a big girl at 35lbs and 20+ in tall and has a bit of a bark, so maybe there's some mix in her?
    She loves to play and will even fetch, almost. The game is I throw the tennis ball, she chases it until it stops, and then runs back to me. The game lasts as long as I have another ball to throw, or unless a squirrel happens to climb on to the fence or something else walks by outside the fence. Some of her other passions are sleeping next to me in bed or on the couch or wherever else I happen to be! Oh well. Guess you can see her for yourself!!


  • What a beauty!! Welcome to the forum. We're new to the forum, too. We're already finding that it's a great place for all sorts of info and advice.

  • What a lovely color..

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