I am really bored this afternoon, the HDTV guy is here setting up HDTV and he is taking forever. This would not bother me if school wasn't over because I could study or do school work but I took my last final last night.

I've already ready everything on the Basenji Forums that I have missed.

I am ready to the Dog park when they are done here but now it looks like rain (really it looks like snow but it is too warm for that).

Sigh, I am so bored. I guess I could wrap Christmas presents …

Join the club. i'm bored also…. i went to the library this morning and rented a few videos. Anyone seen Dogville with Nicole Kidman? Its strange... the whole movie is set as if it were a play, in a town called Dogville, but there are no actual buildings on the set, all the buildings just have these sort of chalk walls.

Anyway.... ho hum...

Basenji Mix

I've been so busy, I wish I was bored. I chaired my son's hockey team Christmas party today (50 people including parents & siblings at a bowling ally) - I'm pooped! My DH claimed the sofa - So I'm biding my time till he gets off - then it's mine!!!

T&D, glad to see that I wasn't alone. Of course once the HD guy left the rain was starting to sprinkle.

Jill, your day made me tired just reading I think you just help me justify my nap I took this afternoon!

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