• Anyone order a puppy for Christmas? and notice the blue paper by her feet, yes once she gets a hold of paper, it's how fast she can tear it up to a thousand pieces! lol

    How they sleep sometimes doesn't look too comfortable! anywhere there is sunshine I guess

    She sure is enjoying her screened in lanai lol

  • How cute 🙂 . My boy love the weather down here too. He just likes laying in a pile of dirt in direct sunlight :rolleyes: .

  • What adoreable photos. They definately like the sun. As I type this Hollie is lying in the sun… heat seeking doggies!!

  • Cute, cute and more cute!

  • lol thanks all, yeah she's pretty cute, even as much trouble she is sometimes, I would not trade her for anything, she makes me laugh everyday. Looking forward to get another one soon 🙂

  • Of course Mia has her head up in that awkward position…..Can't you see that she's trying to even out her tan line!!!


  • She is so beautiful! Her coat looks so shiny, what are you feeding her?

    Oh, I love the M initial on the tree! Is that for Mia?

  • yes the M is for Mia in the tree, and we all have one since our names are Michelle and Mike lol.
    People say her coat looks painted on all the time actually. It's very soft, and she barely sheds unless she's nervous. I feed her these natural/organic treat.
    Vida for coat and skin, and Pet Botanics Omega Treats with chicken and sweet potatoes. She absolutly adores them!
    I was trying to find a link for the Pet Botanics product but no luck.
    I get these at Petsmart, but I am sure they have them anywhere. Just look for something promoting Omega 3 or 6, and natural or organic is the way to go 🙂
    I noticed a diffrence in her coat maybe after a month. I give her about 2 treats of each kind a day.

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