• Maggii, who is 16 and 4 months, had a dental yesterday. It was a tough decision to do it or not as she has been in kidney failure for the last 18 months. She however has kept the same values in her blood work for almost the last 12 months, so she is not at least getting any worse… Anyway, I knew she was in pain and that her teeth were really bothering her... so her Vet and I decided it was worth the risk (the risk being that putting her under could result in shutting down her kidneys totally) and try and make her comfortable... Some of the teeth problems are due to her kidney problems and the rest to old age..

    Three teeth fell out, three more where pulled... 😞 .. but she seemed to do well... considering. Last night she did well (must have been the pain meds..:) ) as she drank and ate a little food and slept pretty peaceful. This morning... Oh MY.... her poor little face is so swollen... think I will have to call her a Bull Terrier...:( , but she ate well today, took her meds, drank water and had her SubQ fluids... time will tell if there is any further damage to her kidneys... so far, however so good....

    Here is what she looked like this morning... the swelling is somewhat better this evening...

  • Awww….sweet thing! So glad she came thru okay!

  • Oh my goodness–that must have been a tough decision. She looks so sweet. And is still beautiful at 16!

  • Wow, 16! She looks so sweet and doesn't look old. I am glad to hear that she is doing well.

  • Awww, what a little darling! I'm glad she came thru ok- and will continue to do so! I hope my dogs like as long!!

  • Aw, what a sweetie! I'm sure she'll rally in a day or two. She's a trooper and what a doll! You are one good Mommy to take care of her so well…and great genes to be in such awesome shape at her age!
    Keep us posted please...

  • Hope she continues to improve - what a sweet looking dog!

  • Hope all continues to go well !!!!

  • 12-7-2007 Maggii is doing quite well, most of the swelling is gone, eating well, drinking well and sleeping well. As far no new effects on her kidney functions…. prospects look good.... We are very happy

  • That is great news!

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