• Well our dog (who's 7 months) for about the past few weeks has been developping the habit of jumping up and nipping at your pants or shorts, even if you are holding something like a grocery bag or anything really. We make a loud noise to try to scare her off when she does so, but it doesn't seem to help. She's ripped a few pairs of pants so far. Is there a technique for her to stop jumping up and chasing after us to nip at our pants or items we are holding? Other than that she's sweet 95% of the time, well we just put the Christmas tree up, and she's already deceided to make the tree skirt her new bed (after she drags it our and bumches it up in a ball of course lol). Oh and has anyone else had a growling problem if you try to move them when they are sleeping at night time?
    Thanks for the advice 🙂

  • Well, it's good to know you have a full fledged Basenji on your hands. My B, Sahara loves to jump up, nip at your feet when she thinks you are getting ready to go out, I can't tell you how many shirts I have with little holes in them. I can not get her to stop this behavior, soooooo if you get any tips here I hope to try them myself. As for the Christmas tree, I keep a water bottle near, they hate to get wet. Say, "No, leave it", and squirt. Good Luck! Next, growling when moved during sleep, some here do have Bs that do this behavior. My B, does not growl when I move her, or wake her from sleep. I got her use to it when she was a puppy, so if your B is still young start like yesterday. Before I move my B, I say, "Sahara, Mommy has to move you, or Mommy has to get up if she is asleep in my lap,(she usually is).and she just moves.

  • Our female tri did the nipping for some time. She doesn't do it as often anymore. She also is a growler when moving in her sleep. She lets us move her with a growl but we do approach her calmly by petting her gently and talking to her gently.

  • Our pup used to nip us a lot. Now he's much better, but still jumps up and nips at my legs and butt when he's feeling hyper and playful :rolleyes:

    Here are some things we did: 1/ Do not make any quick or jerky movements. Try and move slowly, even though you're trying to get away from the nipping. 2/ If he's got a hold of your pant leg and won't let go, spray him with a spray bottle (water) while saying 'no'. This means having spray bottles in strategic locations around the house. Follow with a 'sit', and reward for good behaviour. This means working ahead of time on a good 'sit' response, even when distracted or excited. 3/ If you're not near a spray bottle, stop moving, stay calm, and say calmly say 'no' and/or 'sit'. Reward for good behaviour. 4/ Occasionally, he won't stop nipping, and if I can, I take a hold of his collar and muzzle and hold his mouth closed (gently) for several seconds, while saying 'no biting' and then 'good boy' (with my hand still on his muzzle). This usually works, but not always.

    I read that another method is to yelp when your pup nips and to follow that with the silent treatment (no eye contact or anything) for half a minute or so. We tried that with our pup, but the yelps just got him more excited.

    About the growling when moved, Charlie did that once or twice. If I have to move him when he's asleep, I will usually say his name first and talk to him a bit before touching him. And even then, I avoid touching him around his face.

    Hope this helps. I'm curious about the other suggestions about the nipping - I'd love it if Charlie stopped nipping my legs and backside completely!

  • Maybe I told this story on the list before - if you heard it - skip it but:

    I had a dog CH MIJOKRS Iron Mike (Ditka) who was a BIG mover. In the show ring - he loved to be out in front of me. Then he started this not funny (for me) habit - he would stop dead in his tracks - I of course not being that agile - would keep running past him trying to slow down. When I got even with him - he jumped up and nipped me in the butt. When I was done with the pattern the judge asked - "does he always do that" and I replied - it's a new thing so the judge said - lets see if he'll do it again and sent me off - the dog did - judge called me over and whispered in my ear - "RUN FASTER"

  • lol run faster, that's funny! don't they know Basenji's are pretty darn quick, it's not fun having a dog chase you knowing she's going to nip you in the butt lol…Right now I am trying the water bottle technique, didn't really want to do that at first since I tought it was a bit mean, but she has to listen and stop it, she could really hurt someone. So now I say NO then spray her if she doesn't stop, seams to be working slowly but surely 🙂 she sure hates that water bottle though lol

  • We have been using the water bottle recently as well for ours not to just up to the counter and desk. Do yours give the water bottle the same evil eye that ours do saying " I dont know when and I dont know where but I WILL get you eventually water bottle!!" 🙂

  • lol Luv, yes Mia does the same, now when we pull out the water bottle, she scrams as fast as she can, and just stares at it on the counter lol…such funny little personalities they have. Always entertaining

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