• I am wondering if anyone has tried to train a basenji to use a litter box.:eek:

    I have seen such things in pet stores and as much as Chike hates the cold, the wet, the snow…etc...I have been wondering if he could learn to use a litter box. Well of course he could learn...lol...would he CHOOSE to use a litter box is the better question.:D

    If anyone has tried or had success let me know.

  • When we got Keoki he was box-trained. I didn't continue with that because I'd rather drag a dog kicking and screaming into the rain than to have the dog potty anywhere in my house, LOL, but that's just me 😉
    {I have two cats, and am SO SICK of their litter boxes too!}

    I suppose, if we'd simply put a box out and showed him where it was, he'd be box trained to this day.

    I have a friend w/a box trained toy yorkie, so I know it can be done.

    If your litter box is large enough for him to comfortably stand, then I imagine it'd be just a matter of taking him to it and telling him to potty – same as housetraining w/out the door! Of course, there may be the whole "lift the leg" issue for a boy . . how you'd keep that in the box, I don't know.

    Good luck!

  • She-Ra uses pee-pads. You can buy them at any Wal-Mart or Petsmart and they're great for indoor usage, particularly if you work and can't be there all day to let them in and out. She's really good about using them now, and we keep them by the door so she knows they're a backup option, not the main goal.

  • hi all,
    i also have a question about this. we just bought a Pet-a-Potty last wk and wily will NOT use it. i did as i was told - put him on the leash and walked him to the box and give him the command to go. has anyone tried this Pet-a-Potty? i've seen other dogs use it so i knows it works. i'm looking for helpful hints to get him to go. i also tried using the Housebreaking Aide by Four Paws. that hasnt worked either.. maybe he's just to stubborn to ever use it? any help is appreciated.

  • oh! one more thing - i did try using his own pee on the grass to see if it would work. he peed to the side of the box the other day (ergh) and so i used that. i hear if i just keep trying it'll eventually work, but we've been repeating the process now for a week. now i'm hoping for a lil advice…

    btw, if you wanna see what it is... http://dogpetboutique.com/shop/petapotty.php

    thx again..

  • We have litter box trained 3 litters, but that was starting from babyhood. However, Basenjis are so smart, I would imagine it could be done with an adult dog…
    We use Pine Fresh litter - it turns to sawdust when they pee on it, doesn't smell and is easy to dispose of.


  • Deke was litter box trained as a pup. I to did away with it, he doesn't have any weather issues. I still have it. Mybe I should try it for my new princess. Gracie will not go if its wet. I've cleaned up poop three times from her. She does pee outside…..I think...I haven't found any wet spots.

    We used that litter like yesterday's news.

    He pretty much stopped using it on his own he preferred outside but would use it from time to time.

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