• Hi everyone! I've been browsing the forum for about a month as part of my basenji research. Now I finally have one!! So exciting! My roommate/best friend and I absolutely love her. Her name is "Zip" (Possum Creek ZipNTo Starfyre). She's been SUCH a good girl since we got her on Wednesday of last week. She's a brindle, 44% Avongara by Possum Creek Joker's Wild out of Eldorado's Rhiannon . She's coming up on four years old. We got her from Denise Searcy of Starfyre Basenjis. Denise was WONDERFUL and we're so honored to have one of her kids.
    So far Zip has only chewed the nose of a stuffed monkey that's hers anyway. And she's been pretty good about being crated. My roommate is a senior in college and comes home for lunch usually so Zip isn't crated for too long. I'm a recent college grad just entering the 9-6 work force and I LOVE having a snuggly basenji greet me when I come home from a long day.
    She seems to be adjusting to us very well 🙂
    I'll post some pictures in "show off your dog".
    Nice to finally meet you all!

  • Welcome to the forum. I'm also new to Basenjis. Such fasinating little dogs.

  • Hello and welcome to the forum, can't wait to see pictures

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Congrats on getting Zip! We just heard this weekend from Denise that you had gotten her. Zip is a sweetheart, think she'll be perfect for you!

    Terry (and Bob) in San Diego

  • Welcome to the forum! Great info here…

    I love the name Zip...great name for a basenji! 😃

  • I am also in the process of talking to Denise about getting a basenji. She's really easy to get in contact with and is great at answering all of my questions in a flash. Hopefully we find a great pup

  • We looked at Zip when we got our puppy. We were interested, but have a chain link fence which she can climb. I'm so glad to hear she was adopted and sounds like she's very happy. We got a 6 month old puppy from Denise and he is now 1 yr. 3 mths old. He's great and his name is Leo (our son named him). Denise was so great that we are going to be contacting her for another one. 🙂

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