• Sol and I were driving home from work yesterday– -I have a small truck and he sits up front next to me (he's very good about not being rowdy). I ran into one market, left the groceries in the cab with him, then ran into another market... you can probably guess what happpened.

    I am usually good about only leaving non-tasty things with him-- he's not usually terribly nosy. But the buttermilk carton smelled great! He pulled it out of the bag and had just punctured it as I arrived. He dropped it and tried to look innocent. I picked it up--- it looked like he hadn't gotten far-- then the milk spurted out the bottom.
    He was very hepful about cleanup, licking the seat. I was upset, but laughing at the same time. The scary moment was when I opened the door to pour out the buttermilk left in the carton and he jumped out of the truck.

    I was really glad I hadn't yelled at him, because he just stood there until I picked him up and put him back in the truck. He is so much more important than a little mess!!

    Anyway, the truck didn't even smell this morning. Note to self-- put groceries in the truck bed.


  • Yeah, leaving edible goodies in the car w/ a B unattended is just too tempting for them!

  • How funny!! Guess that buttermilk tasted good to Sol!! Glad your truck didn't stink!!

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