• Hi all! I joined here a few months ago and then forgot to post.

    My name is Debra Levey and I live in GA. I have 2 basenji, Sayblee and Arwen. Both are spayed but we did finish Sayblee first! I am a rottweiler person who never wanted a small breed, got one for my child, fell in love, and well, here I am 6 years later! Can't imagine my life without them.

    I have a serious question though and hope some here may have some insight. To make it easier for me, just going to repost things I put on the AOL board. Sadly we have only a couple of regular members who didn't know so hope this bigger community might.


    Sigh.. nothing with Sayblee is EVER easy, ever.

    A year ago I posted:

    she got a lump, took in, vet says "pinch" separated muscle. Antibiotics and drained it. Got bigger. More antibiotics, drained and examined again. Got better, then blew up again so no they have to do surgery tomorrow to remove it. She said could be "dead" fat tissue causing infection or something in it. I know she'll be fine but sigh, it never ends.

    (note wasn't cancer)

    10/5/2005 2:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
    From: DebraDownSth

    Well, Sunday I felt a lump developing at the top of Sayblee's incision (near her spine).. Tues it was definitely bigger so called vet and took her in this am. The vet said "any other client any other dog I'd say its nothing but lets look". Sure enough, again the slide showed very reactive tissue. She said they used the lowest reactive sutures but obviously sayblee reacted. She said it MIGHT resolve but is concerned so wait til next monday and if not significantly down, schedule to have it removed. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    When on the antibiotics she wouldn't eat so I force fed her. Then I gave her things like chicken breast and beef, which she will eat. 3 days ago i said eat or starveโ€ฆ she has lost a pound since we were at the vets last Monday so I gave in and got her a sausage biscuit for breakfast and will force feed her dog food for dinner if I have to. Once this is cleared up I'll let her eat or starve, just can't do it right now. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    **Note, they had to remove it, sent it off and again, all results negative. Vet consulted with 3 different departments at UGA who felt that most likely it was some sort of bacteria or possibly even an autoimmune but not sure.

    Date: 2/26/2006 1:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
    From: DebraDownSth

    Sayblee has a new lump. And its warm so just like before.

    Yeah I'll be at the vet tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    Date: 2/27/2006
    From: DebraDownSth

    The news on Sayblee is not so good. My vet says she is very very concerned because of it coming back in 3 mos. The only good part is she could feel under the lump and its not attached into the muscle. She hopes its a bacteria that is resistent to the usual meds and that they can culture it this time. However there is still a risk of cancer or some other bizzare problem so she is calling UGA to talk to both oncology and bacteria specialists. She said it may take them til tomorrow to call back and if they feel it necessary for them to do the surgery she wants me to go there. Otherwise she will remove the lump Wed or Thurs. So the waiting begins again. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    Date: 2/28/2006 5:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
    From: DebraDownSth

    The vet just called. She said that UGA feels its very unlikely that its cancer since they had a lot of tissue last time and found nothing. They think the most LIKELY thing is a bacterial, fungal or other infection... probably bacterial.... and that it didn't culture last time because we had tried antibiotics prior to surgery. This time she hasn't been on any so they home that they can grow it. IF nothing comes up this time, the specialist said that it may be autoimmune and then we would treat with steroids. So she goes in for surgery tomorrow.

    Can't find the follow up post but again, all the extensive testing, even for some rare fungal diseases, came up nil so UGA said probably autoimmune and we'd try steroids if need be. BUT the lump finally went down. Now, 3 mos later, its starting again. This time about an inch above the incision.

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  • Dear Debra: Has your vet considered contacting the veterinary school at Auburn University? I know they help with tough cases. I've seen a lot of research about autoimmune diseases developing after vaccinations in some dogs. Any possibility there is a connection in Sayblee's case? Just a thought.

  • @Lenora:

    Dear Debra: Has your vet considered contacting the veterinary school at Auburn University? I know they help with tough cases. I've seen a lot of research about autoimmune diseases developing after vaccinations in some dogs. Any possibility there is a connection in Sayblee's case? Just a thought.

    I will suggest she contact Auburn also, but I think she feels very good about the quality of UGa staff.

    I only vaccinate every 3 yrs and she is due this year so it had been 2 yrs since she was vaccinated when this occured. I do worry about autoimmune and overvaccination, but I do it so rarely its not likely. But thank you for posting!


  • yes i would contact auburn too!! its a very good vet school and they may have the newest information available to help out. i hope your lil girl gets feeling better and through all this is experiencing as little pain as possible! i'll keep yall in my prayers!

  • I do not really have any advice to give, but another opinion would not hurt. I live in Knoxville, Tn and would use the UT vet school if something major was going on. Please keep us updated on the progress and prognosis. Good luck and God Bless you and your Basenji.

  • Well darn, I thought I signed up for email, had been getting none so thought forum had no new posts!

    We started Sayblee on steriods, within 3 days the heat was gone, by day 6 the swelling almost all gone. She stays on for 2 more days then weans off. UGa said that is what would happen and they are right. So I guess autoimmune pegs it.

  • Welcome to forum! I hope Sayblee will be OK. A correct diagnosis is the toughest. Once they know, it's easier to treat - hopefully. There are many experienced Basenji owners and lots of support here. Enjoy!

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