• Hello! My name is Nicole and I live in Sheffield Lake, Oh with my husband and my 5 year old son. I also have two older daughters, 19 and 23. We currently just lost our Basenji named Leo from kidney failure. He would have been 13 on Dec 26th. We are heartbroken and miss him like crazy. He was truly my fur baby and life just wont be the same without him.0_1478824049929_IMG_20161109_105407.jpg

  • Leo during his younger days


  • @nikolitak Welcome to the forum! I'm very sorry for your loss & Leo is a beautiful red & white Senji! I know how you feel, I lost my 2nd Senji on Aug.24, 2016. I still cry over her. You could join BRAT or Camp Basenji or both! BRAT rescues purebred Basenjis & Camp Basenji rescues purebred & Senji mixes. You can fill in an adoption application at both, then check daily for any that you'd like to apply for. Just type the name in your search engine & you'll find them & find more really great people there too! I know I'm waiting for the right one to come along. BRAT has 3 up for adoption at this time, if you're interested. Nancy

  • @Nancy-Berry thank you so much! I appreciate the guidance and will look into both! Its so hard not having Leo with us. He definetly was my baby.

  • So sorry... I'm sure another basenji will cross your path.

  • @kjdonkers thank you....yes, im sure one will 🙂

  • What a wonderful picture. Treasure the memories of your life together.

  • What a sweet looking dog. I am so sorry for you loss.

  • He truly was a sweetheart. I miss him so much, I feel a part of my heart has left me.

  • @nikolitak Call me crazy but here's how I look at it (being 60 yrs. old). My 1st. dog was a Yorkie & I got her when she was 5 & had her until she passed, laying on my chest, April,5, 1998 @ 16 yrs. In mid July, 1998, I got my 1st. Basenji, Ch.Hackers DarlingDarla, 4 yrs. old & she passed Oct,16,2007 @ 13 yrs. (died of cancer). I called the breeder, (I kept her updated anytime something went on with Darla), & with-in a week, I had Dorie, who was repossessed for breaking the contract. And Aug.24, 2016, I lost Dorie @ 16 & a half yrs. old. So, my feelings are this: We have 4 chambers in our hearts. My Yorkie is in one chamber & my 2 Basenjis are taking 2 more chambers so ~ I've got 1 empty chamber left. And I must find another Senji. I loved my Yorkie but with Senjis...they're so unique in their ways! You have to earn their love & you are their human! They've challenged me in ways, mentally & physically, that I never knew a "dog" could! Each one is different & your Leo has been special to each one of you! So, he's in 1 chamber of your heart & I'm sure there will be another along (soon I hope) to fill another chamber! I told you to call me crazy;}

  • @Nancy-Berry You make perfect sense! And I definitely want another Basenji in our lives. I have contacted Leo's breeder also and although she doesnt breed anymore she is close with another breeder who is planning on puppies soon and said she would recommend us. I sure hope that all works out. He has definitely filled my first chamber!!!

  • @nikolitak I hope you have another Senji pick you out! You might get lucky & have a couple of them pick you out!!

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