How do you train NOT to mark in other peoples' homes?

  • I have had issues with both Tayda and Lenny peeing on other peoples' carpets when we go to visit. Any advice on how to curb this? I just came back from a friends and I had to watch them both like hawks the whole time. Tayda has done it twice and Lenny has done it once (not all at once, over about a year). I like taking them with me places but obviously they will be less welcomed by my friends if they are known for peeing on carpet.

  • Have you tried making sure they empty before they go in? Or maybe bring some of their own blankets and spread them on the floor? Keep them right with you until you are pretty sure they will be responsible? Bring some Nature's Miracle and paper towels 🙂

  • yep, always make sure they go before we go in… and when they do go, its not much. i threw my jacket on the floor hoping they'd just sit on it, which is what they do if i leave my clothes on the floor at home, but they were too interested in sniffing around. i did keep them close to me the whole time, this last place we went there used to be a resident cat in the place, so it was driving them nuts to not be able to sniff where ever they wanted. j

    it just got a bit distracting and interruptive for me to keep calling their names while trying to watch t.v. or have a conversation with my friends....

  • Pretty typical… new place "mine".... I remember following mine around for hours when we would stay at a hotel/motel when on the road for shows...

  • I worry about the same thing too. I took chance to a family get-together and he thought it would be nice to "mark" someones purse. Not good 😞
    Now I watch him like a hawk. If he is on the ground…anything can happen.
    I take him out twice as much if we are staying somewhere and it works.

  • Someones purse… eek! ha ha. One of my friends came over today with her new little min pin puppy. He is very much still in potty training mode and Tayda and Lenny were very nice playing with him even though they were 10 times his size. The puppy peed on my kitchen 5 drops cause he is so little. Lenny promptly went over and peed on his pee... but his was like a WATERFALL! Ack! Ahhh.... dominance haggling at its best...

    I'm just glad Lenny has been playing so nicely with other dogs. This dog is the first dog that has come over in a LONG time cause I've been scared of what Lenny would do based on his previous performance at the dog park. But he is learning his manners now! Yay!

  • I just recently had chance around a toddler and he did great. They were eye level and chance would walk right up to her face and give her a wet kiss. Ha!

  • Ours peed on my sister in law's leg- pretty funny!

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