• My baby "looking" innocent!!!


  • LOL looks can be deceiving 🙂

  • It is nice to finally see your girl Sahara. She looks adorable. Thanks for sharing. I would love to see more.

    You made mention in a previous post that you were going to scan some pics on your scanner. Is that how you were able to post Sahara? Like I said before, I am no computer genius - I try real hard though. I don't have a scanner, but you could check that when you scan, if there is an option, it scans at a resolution of 640 x 480. I have a digital camera and the pics are put in a folder in my computer. (I can tell that the pixels on this pic are low.) Or, if you have some special pictures, you can always take them to a photo shop almost anywhere (Meijer - Walmart, etc.) They can scan them onto a CD and/or email them to you. Ask them to make sure the pixel size is correct 640 x 480. You can store them on your computer. Isn't it frustrating figuring all this stuff out?. 😕 . Someone probably has an easier solution, I would imagine. Hope this is of some help.

  • My son had a hard time downsizing the picture from my computer file. How do you do yours, I am not that good at computers either. I have my digital pics also on a file. I thought you had to scann them first, that shows how much I know. My son told me to downsize them was too advanced for me. I said thanks for the encouragement. This might be true, but I sure can type faster than he can. I use to type most of his high school papers cause he was so slow. He is 23 now, it's amazing how once they move out they don't think you know anything. Anyways thanks for the advice!

  • This works if you have Widows XP~~

    I hope I can describe this to follow:

    Do you have Microsoft Windows XP? If you do, go to your picture folder.
    -Click on a few pics you want resized while holding down your "Ctrl" key.
    -Right Click in one of the pics, scroll down to "Send To" and pick "Mail Recipient".
    -See a "Resize note? Click button "Make all my pics smaller".
    -Then an email window pops up - type in your email address and mail it to yourself.
    -When you get your email with these pics, pick them, Right Click "Save As" rename them eg. "Resized Sahara pics", etc. Make sure you browse for your "My Pictures" so you don't lose them.

    That's what I did. I printed out the Admins instructions, and opted to email the pics smaller to myself.

  • for the info, I will try to do it, at any rate I appreciate it.

  • Sahara does look a lot like bella. She is a beautiful red & white, where did you get her?:)

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