SOCAL get-together!

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hey everyone…

just to let everyone know - i take Roxy to the beach everyday after work in the Marina. there is a group of us that let our dogs (all breeds) run around off leash. we are there around sunset (even 1 hour before).

if anyone trusts their basenji off-leash on the beach, this is a great place to go.

the best way to explain where it is:
-Marina del Rey, near the Channel and the Jetty
-cross streets - Speedway and Topsail

hope some of you can make it!


hi all
we'll be at laurel cyn this sat morn as usual, but i will try not to go so early in the morning if that means we'll get to see you all there around 11. if sunday's better, lemme know, cuz we can always switch. what do u say?? 🙂


Sorry we'll miss you – but hope to meet up another time! (And please remind me of the geneology: Talker is the child of Ziggy, and Savannah is the child of Talker? Is that correct?) ~ Lori ~

Ziggy is Talker's Father.
Savannah is Ziggy's grandchild. Her mother is sister to Talker (same litter) which makes Savannah Talker's niece.

Lots of times people stop me and ask, "Are they brother and sister?" when I say no, uncle and niece, they think that's so funny. 😕 I guess its not common.

I might be able to go to Laurel Canyon on Sunday morning. We're having company over Saturday and I'm not sure if they are staying the night.

If I do come on Sunday, I hope to see some of you around 10:30 or so?


I'll be at Laurel Canyon tomorrow (Saturday), around 10:30-11:00. Hope to see the regular B-gang there! ~ Lori ~

it was great to meet everyone. im surprised at how well-behaved everyone's basenji was!

look forward to seeing you again soon!

eric and roxy

ah poop.. we missed out on today (saturday). anyone gonna be there tomorrow morn?? would love to see u guys.

Waving hi to Sam, Veronica, and Brian, as well as Erica, Cody, Eric, and Roxy. It was great to see everyone yesterday … hope to meet up with you again soon!


The Z-Pack
Zen, Zoe, and Ziggy

Here are a few shots from this morning's basenji dog park meet up.


This is Savannah in the car on the way back home. Have you've ever seen such a long tongue in a little dog? The last one is of Talker doing that thing he does with his eyes at you.


Fabulous photos, Laura! I love the one of Ziggy (of course) and my, that IS a long tongue on a small dog! I have a photo that's similar, showing Ziggy with a very looong tongue hanging out. I'll post it soon. Cheers to the LCyn B-Gang!

The Z-Pack: Zen, Zoe, and Ziggy

Hey Laura –

Not surprisingly, Taj has that same incredibly long tongue! Looks like you guys have fun at your meet-ups -- too bad it's such a drive for me or I'd try to bring my crew too some weekend.


Well if Ziggy has a long tongue and Taj has a long tongue, and Savannah has a long tongue…then they are all related.

Hi Linda! Everyone, Taj is Savannah's brother. Linda, I swear as soon as we get our house in order, I'm going to have a play date and you and your pack are certainly invited.

Hi Guys I wanted to say I had a great time @ the dog park today. There were about 6 Basenji's and such great weather! I dont understand when people say B's are not good at dog parks. I say they should meet all of our Basenji's they are angels at the park! Have a great week and see you next Saturday.
Thanks for posting photos Laura! I promise one day I will figure out how to do that!
~Veronica, Brian, and basenji Garrett~

If any of you Californians can help bust this little guy from the pound- it might save his life…

Have contacted BRAT and cross-posted on Dogster… He needs us!!

hey local so-cal'ers

my wife and I are searching for a Basenji. If anyone knows of any dogs that are up for adoption, please let me know.


Boxman, did you see the post above about Benny the Basenji? If you're interested, he's in California.

I did see it. He looks like a really good dog. I saw that BRAT was contacted and there was someone planning to adopt on Tuesday.

If anyone else knows of any dogs closer to Burbank, California, let me know


Did you check for So. Cal breeders in your area? Hey, we're neighbors. I live in Pasadena.

Karen does rescue work. Are you looking for a puppy or a rescue?

either puppy or rescue.

I did go to Karen's but they didn't have any B's available for us. The ones we saw ended up being too loud for an apartment.

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