• Out tri point's when he sees a squirrel, rabbit or other animal.

    Standing upright he lifts his one paw up, freezes, while focused starring at the prey.

    Anyone else's basenji do this. Our red does not.

  • Ruby does it all the time. She even points in the house at her toys. I love it when she does it…too cute. 😃

  • Sugar does it too! (A tri) Usually at a bird she's going to eat, or a rabbit.

  • Hollie, my basenji/whippet mix, points… especially at those squirrels. She actually lowers her body and "stalks" the squirrels, like a big cat hunting game!

  • All of mine point…. and the majority are reds

  • Jazzy and Keoki both point. I love to watch them when they spot a squirrel in the yard; it looks so cool.

  • Yep, Ziggy (a tri) points. So does Zoe (right foot raised, body frozen) and she does the "head lowered" stalking, too. ~ Lori ~

  • My tri just points at random things. He pulled a muscle in his left leg, so he's raising his left more often now, but he used to actually change off the leg he lifted. I haven't seen him stalk yet though.

  • Mica points all the time. Than she stalks. She points at chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, kitties (well almost), almost anything that moves -birds?? She is real fast. For squirrels she takes a running leap and scales the sides of trees 6-8 eight feet high, up the bark and lands on the ground again. Her strength is growing in her pull. I think she does doggie pushups that way. She caught and shook (and koa) one little chipmunk the other day on a walk while on the pulley leash. It was so quick and it was one, two three shakes and I had to tell her to drop it after the fact a few times. But she did. Than I'm carrying the tiny dead thing by the tail to the dumpster and Mica is dancing circles around me, jumping, before it was flung into its earth drop. She is a real dog not just a play toy.

    BaMicas Mom

  • Are any of these B's "play toys"? Seems they're all great and enthusiastic hunters if given half the chance. There's been more than one dead critter in our back yard since theses two moved in; and the heights that Jazz can reach on trees with no low limbs amazes me.

    They are sweet and cuddly . . . . cold-blooded killers. :eek:

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