The Hayes baby DRAMA!!!!
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I thought the next posting from you was going to be that the baby had arrived!
First of all, ((Hugs)) to you for having to go through that. I had an induction with my son (my second child) and all was fine.
I'm sending out <good vibes="">for the baby to come on its own before Monday!
Keep us posted.</good>

Ditto! Your tiny precious bundle will make all this disappear. I sense that you are more than ready. Best wishes and happy thoughts for you, Kira. 🙂

Sorry, my only child has 4 legs and a curly tail:D , so I can't help you here. I'll just keep praying for you.


Sorry, my only child has 4 legs and a curly tail:D , so I can't help you here. I'll just keep praying for you.

My only children have all had 4 legs and curly tails, too (even my german shepherd mix had a big curly tail!)–so their deliveries were all very easy 🙂 for me anyway! But my thoughts are with you, and I'm sure everything will be ok. Can't wait to see the photos of your new (2 legged) baby!

I had induction with my second-took all of 5 hours. Best of luck.

Thanks!! Well i do have tricare, but my dr. is a referal, so hes not military at all in fact i picked him…big mistake i guess. lol. im switching as soon as Aiden is born!!!!!

Well, try all the "old wives tales" and take a drive on a bumpy road and eat a spicy meal…my water broke the evening after I did that for my first child!
C'mon out baby Aiden...we want some pictures!!

Took this today, six days past my due date, Sept. 14th. Can you believe ive gained 12lbs total??!! I look like im trying to steal a basketball!!! hahaa. Dont laugh too hard…this thing is HEAVY!!:eek:

Basenji Mix

Oh, Kira - you're so fortunate - only 12 lbs? It's just the baby in there! I gained 50 lbs!!!!!!!!! :mad: You're so funny - Yep - you have a basket ball in there, don't you? Keep us posted . . . 🙂

I was thinking the same thing…. I was that size at four months, LOL. I used to joke that I'd start showing the morning after ;-).

Your basketball is adorable! I know it's heavy, but the good news is that by this time next week you'll be able to pass it off to dh!!!

You look so great, Kira! Keep us posted on the "drama" as it unfolds…

DO we have a BABY yet????

LOL, I've been wanting to ask since Saturday!

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