• I adopted my Basenji/Whippet mix in December 2005 from a local shelter. The shelter had her listed as a Whippet mix and I am surprised they didn't know she was part Basenji. She not only resembles one, her personality is ALL basenji. She can always make laugh and keeps me on my toes. She is the joy of mine and her daddy's life! I hope the picture comes through as an attachment. It took me FOREVER to get it resized and I'm still not sure the picture will show up.


  • she's adorable! and very pretty coloring

  • she looks cute! and yes, what a nice color she has. she must be very fast, I mean being a mix of whippet and basenji. I love her ears too.

  • Thanks! Hollie is a handfull and LOVES to run. We take her to the dogpark as often as possible. She likes being the leader in a game of "chase." Her ears do stand up sometimes, but mostly they flop over sideways (seems to have the whippet ears). I feel very fortunate to have Hollie, as she was a shelter adoptee. The shelter is having a reunion on Sept. 30th and I can't wait for them to see her and let them know she is part basenji. Apparently she wasn't at the shelter long enough for them to get to know her ALL basenji personality. We love her!!

  • Yep - Hollie has that strong Basenji front end. Her chest is undeniably Basenji as well as her face. On the chair she doesn't look too big either. I think Whippets are bigger than Basenji. I should try and post a couple of Dukes pics too - but like you, I need time to fumble with it all. She's beautiful - thanks for sharing.

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