• Spent the weekend in Bloomsburg at a show. We didn't do any good with the dogs in the ring, but I had fun.:) I got to meet another fellow forum member.:)

    I met forum member srjeeper and his wife yesterday in Bloomsburg.

    Srjeeper is a long time B owner and has recently added a second B rescue to his fold.:)
    We enjoyed walking around the vendor area and oh yes the show itself….....it was a fun day with some crummy weather, so many beautiful dogs.....wow!

    Thanks to You and Mrs. Srjeeper for taking the time to meet up with us , helping us with the dogs and spending part of your day with our little group;) .

    Special dogs, special people.🆒

  • Bummer about the show but it's ALWAYS super cool 🆒 to meet a B FORUM member 😃

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