• Last weekend was the CLub Canino del Norte's annual dog show in Santiago, in the north.. It is not a very big show, the ones in SAnto Domingo are bigger. There were 63 dogs in all. and only one basenji.. Ayo, who showed very well in the breed , and group shows, he behaved perfectly,of course it was just him. We got full points, best of breed and best in group, so we went to the best in show, where, ( and i am not surprised, because i haven't had a chance to practice with other dogs), Ayo was a mess. He would not stand still and would lunge forward and backwards towards whatever other dog got near….. But it was great fun. and the second day he didi much better than the first. Now I will join a practice group here in Santo DOmingo, to prepare for the big four day international show next month!!!

  • Well done, congrats!

  • Congratulations and how typical of a Basenji to let you down at the last!!! It sounds as though you enjoyed yourelves.

  • Yeah, after the first two, breed and group I was starting to think we had a chance, I thought , if he keeps this up…... But of course.. It was funny, he just would not stand still , I kept having to get up and do a turn and return to position and he would be ok and then just when the judge was passing by.... Again..... Of course it didn't help that it was on grass, and there were ants! They kept biting his legs and he kept jumping up and I had to take them off of him and move to avoid them... It was horrible. There are always ants Herr when its on grass!!!!

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