• Last night (for about 4 hours) I did work from home on the computer. Lillie was in a mischievous mood. She came upstairs, jumped on my bed and stole by cordless phone. Immediately she runs downstairs and "hides" under my dining room table. I go back upstairs after retrieving the phone and a few minutes later…she comes back upstairs to steal the phone again! I run after her again and retrieve the phone. A while later, she comes back upstairs and steals her fav...a plastic bag! I do the whole routine again! This was quite funny and exhausting. Everytime I run down after her it is 13 steps down & 13 steps up. Thankfully, I finished my work and even got a workout in between thanks to Lillie! She is just the cutest!
    BTW, I was off today and brought her to work to meet all my co-workers. They had never seen a basenji before. They were all hysterical when she stood on her hind legs and did her head tilt move before putting all her paws on the ground. They couldn't get over how clean and neat she is and the fact that she doesn't bark. They weren't in the car with me when she "cried" most of the ride!

  • Awww - How proud you must have been to show Lillie off to your friends at work. I wish I could bring mine to work. They can't possibly understand my obsession with them until/if they could meet my fur kids.

    And . . . I too get a workout if I'm the only one home and on computer!! up-down-up-down….as I hear Daisy climbing the stairs thinking "What is she doing now??" Though all doors are closed upstairs, I know she's scheming something. She's 7 mos old, and I still fear she'll potty up in the hallway or has something in her mouth that's not a toy. Not easy being the mom, is it? 🙂

  • I love that basenjis all have such unique personalities and interact.

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