• Hello all:
    Me and our 2 B's are new as well to Basenji forums.
    Metinga is our oldest. She will be turning 12yrs old in October. We bought her from a man out of the newspaper ad (she was 5yrs old at the time). He got her from someone in Houston, I think a breeder but he could not find her papers. I tried to track down this person by her tatoo but have been told she could be from a rescue or even a back yard breeder originally.
    Helix is our baby. He is 2.5yrs old. We got him one year ago from a breeder in Surrey, BC. He originally at the young age of 3 months was sent off to be a hearing aide dog (I know what you're thinking already, same thing I was, Yeah right, a basenji as a service dog, good luck!!). He stayed in the program up until he was 13 months old, then was dismissed from the program and sent back to his breeder. She put him up for adoption. We were looking to add another B to our pack b/c a 3rd dog we had was going to be leaving us anytime. We checked out her website and a week later he was flown to us in Calgary. He has been a ray of sunshine for us, Metinga some days could probably say otherwise but they have learned to get along quite well.

  • Hello Tanga and B's!! Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pics of your basenjis!

  • Welcome all!

  • Thanks all. Hope to get pics uploaded very soon.

  • You will love this forum, there is lots of info and fun here. Some of the best stories of Basenjis and their families are here. I have one female B, Sahara, and she is quite enough for me. I have thought about getting her a playmate but then I decide that one keeps me rather busy. Was your B jealous when you brought in this new baby? I think Sahara would drive me crazy, she is soooooo jealous of my cats! Well, anyways, Welcome!!!!! I love Canada, I am going there in August for a week. I will be in Newfoundland and St. John's, my best friend's family live there and we are going for a visit, it is her Mother's 80th Birthday. People in Canada are so nice and cordial, I hope to visit Calgary oneday, we have another friend that lives there.:D

  • Welcome!!!

  • Welcome to the forum! Lots of fun and information here for all! Looking forward to the pictures…!

  • Hello and welcome…

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