• Hey Folks,

    Our family just became the guardians of what we thought was a rather handsome neutered male we found at our local pound. He was considered a terrier mix, but didn't quit look like any terrier I've seen. Red, with a bit of white on the chest and paws, wrinkled brow and ears that he may never grow into to. He had a reputation of being too high energy and a bolter. We are used to a high energy dog who would also bolt if the opportunity arose, so we are used to that.

    Anyroad, we went down to Petsmart to get goodies and someone we bumped into suggested that he might be Basenji. We grabbed a book and took a look and yup he sure has the look. After we got home I told my wife about the discover and we started doing the online research.

    The more we dug the more we are sure that our mutt is very much a Basenji. He seems to really like slumping on his rump while leaning on my feet. Little burst of craziness, running back and forth in the house ending with him having to jump up on the furniture. A strange, irresistable facination for socks.

    There are a couple of differences though. One and most noticably is the fact that Kona has no tail. Just a little stump (making him look even more like a baby deer), which we don't know if it was surgically detached or if he was born that way. And the other thing is he can bark, although it is hard to get him to and it is fairly soft. He only seems to bark when he thinks a stranger is coming up to the house.

    We aren't sure of his age but he still has his front baby teeth so we are pegging him at 4-5 months. Hope it isn't too late to rid him of any bad habits he may have. Any advice that you may have for mixed breeds greatly appreciated. Also does anyone else have a Basenji with no tail? I'll post images soon…

    Kona and Nora Inu...

    And here is the Flickr link for more photos…

    Kona at home…

  • Actually ear shape looks rather Toy Fox Terrier ish.

  • I have a B-mix we think with Jack Russell terrier (Parsons Russell). Duke barks A LOT!! He has a 1 inch stub of a tail. He was found abandoned in a parking lot with another black/white brother last March 2006. WHY would anyone cut off puppy tails?!? That is the #1 "tell-tale" sign of the breed!!

    Your Kona (love his name) has characteristics described as Basenjis, as does Duke. Kona kind of looks Basenji. Maybe he's a mix with the Toy Fox or Rat Terrier? He has the wrinkled head. He is really adorable! A couple pics of Duke:

    Duke is the Black/White boy. Daisy, our tri-color girl is our newest member of the family - 6 mos old.

    This breed is completely food motivated as you may have read in Behaviorial or Training threads. There are many things they will do as puppies that is completely unacceptable to some people who want a dog to obey and learn quickly. My Daisy girl is 6 months old and cannot under any circumstances be unsupervised. She is learning so much in her puppy years. She must think her name is "Daisy No!" 😃 Ha ha! But, I know better this time around after raising Duke to his current ripe old age of 1.5 years. Who has been of late a GOOD role model so much that I got another B-mix. Daisy is Basenji-Beagle, we think. I must enjoy the challenge to raise and incorporate . . . 😃 Very challenging job. But the love, affection and hair raising amusement is SO worth it in return.

    Welcome to the Basenji forums where you'll find some good enlightening, educational and entertaining read.

  • Cooper, our B mix, was rescued as well. And he came to us without a tail!

    You can view more photos in the member albums.


  • Daisy and Duke, what a great combination of names 🙂 Daisy looks pretty big for six months. We aren't sure of Kona's age but they thought 5 months and if so he is looking like he may be mixed with a small breed. Perhaps he is younger than we think since he still has his milk teeth (and those are about as sharp as they get). I'm kind of hoping that he is younger, gives me more time for training and maybe a bigger Kona when he is grown.

    Subaruthie, Cooper is a handsome devil too. What kind of collar is that in the fishing photo?

    Dmcarty, I'll check out that breed and look for similarities, thanks for the tip.

  • Cooper's blushing at the compliment. Or maybe that's his dust mite allergy…

    Cooper's harness is the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness (they also make a head collar). It's designed to stop pulling, as the pivot point is at the front. When the dog pulls, it generally ends up turning right back around facing you! Really great for getting the attention of an aloof B.

    We also found that this was nearly escape-proof. Between his B nature and time in the shelter, he had some pretty bad leash habits when we got him. But after the Easy Walk, beginner obedience, and patience, he's now doing just fine with a normal collar and Flexi lead.

  • I forgot to mention…. The blaze orange you see is fleece that I sewed on the side hardware of the harness to add visibility and prevent hair loss.

  • Daisy is 20.5 lbs, 15-16" to shoulder. Duke is 24.5 lbs and 16" to shoulder. We didn't name Duke, the friend who actually found the pups named him, and it stuck. They named his brother Oreo, I don't think he still has that name. When we got our puppy girl, my son has a DS game called Nintendogs. His dogs was named Daisy. It was so cute when he would play and shout out "Come Daisy, Come!" As well the name combo is known in "The Duke's of Hazard". Seems everyone has a little story to a given name. How did you come up Kona's name?

  • My wife was born and raised in Hawaii and has a penchant for picking cool Hawaiian names. Our first dog was named Kimo Supremo, a Terrier mix rescue who passed at a very early age. Kona seemed like a natural name for our coffee colored, caffeinated puppy. His full name is Kona Corona.

    Right now he is about 13.5" at his shoulders and weighs in at 13.5 pounds. He is heavier than he seems, must be muscle 🙂

  • Yea, looks like a B mix to me also. The ears and the things he likes sounds Basenji as well. Loved the pics, Kona is soooooooo cute.

  • Welcome to you & Kona!! 😃 Whatever he is I am sure he will be loved & well cared for by you. He's beautiful!!! What a vivid red color 😃

  • Well, whatever he is…he's just adorable! Welcome!

  • Hollie is a Basenji/Whippet mix. She has about a 2 or 3 inch stub tail. I don't have a photo showing her tail, I'll have to take one to post. She was also a shelter rescue dog!!

  • Welcome to the forum…Kona is a beautiful baby...

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