• My 3&1/2 year old girl B was diagnosed with Distemper in March and she's lost some muscle. we've cut back the prednisone but she now likes to eat bugs and dead earth worms in the back yard. Is there some kind of supplement I can give her to up the protein in her diet? (I'm guessing that's what she needs because she's eating the bugs and worms). Has anyone out there tried the "Missing Link" supplement? She currently eats ProPlan and Blue Buffalo with helpings of Wellness wet food everyday. She also gets a Pet Tab Plus everyday. Thanks for any advice.

  • Missing link is a great supplement… I have used it for years.... but I would doubt that eating the worms and bugs would indicated the need for protein... especially dead ones....????

  • MMMMMM chewy rubber-like substance!

  • SO sorry to hear about the distemper affecting your little one 😞 There's some proteins in veggies..have you tried feeding home made veggies??

  • Maybe there's some mineral imbalance. Check out Dinovite on the web. It contains different earth clays and probiotics.

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