• My mom's poodle groomer came over the other day, saw Rowdy, my basenji for the first time, and told my mom that her mother used to raise them and that they eat furniture! Then she said they had hyeana in their background, thus the strange sounds the basenji makes. I laughed, and doubted her facts, but thought I'd run it by you guys. I must say, Rowdy does sound awfully weird sometimes when he cries. He scraped his paw the other day outside and came in crying a high pitched squeal, begging me to fix it. He was Ok within the hour.

    Another strange behavior is how Rowdy will snap his mouth open and shut in a chattering motion when trying to apease Jenny, the border collie. I'd never seen that in a dog before.

  • Nope, Hyenas are in a totally different family. Not canines at all.

  • We live in a different world!

  • Barkless, what a heartbreaking photo. And the irony of the words on the sign just add to the misery of the chained animals.

  • How horrible…chains and big sticks...heartless...I really wonder about some people on this earth of ours...

  • Are those photoshopped?

  • I do not think so. It's from the music group Gorillaz last CD booklet.

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