• I had a bad couple days at work and Zuri has been digging at the leather sofa and my bedspread and it had been testing my patience. I admit, I have days where I ask myself what the heck were you thinking??? But then I look at her and well…you all know what happens then. Anyway, each time I give her heck, she stops, looks at me like she is saying 'Whats the problem here' and then continues digging at the furniture.
    I was going to post a 'HELP make her stop PLEASE.' but did a search on 'digging' first...well, what a laugh I had. I am clearly not the only one with a B that has this kind of behaviour. It still drives me crazy but I am not alone and I got a few ideas to help stop the digging.

    Just had to say I love this forum....no...I NEED this forum....or even better yet....My Basenji needs this forum.


  • I completly understand where you are coming from. My first two months with Champ were pretty rough. I found this forum and it helped me understand and get through lots of issues. Everyone here is great and always willing to share and help with whatever issues are brought here. Continue with the patience it really is a virtue especially when dealing with our B's. Gotto love them though. Yes that look like what mommie it's a B thing. Gotto laugh.

  • Well, you may have noticed in some of my pics the 'dog chair' in the other pics forum. Yup it's a tattered mess, but they can dig and scratch and chew all they want to that chair-which is why I keep it!

  • DITTO!!!! I love this forum & I'm eternally grateful for all the great advice & guidance I've gotten here!!

  • Yes we've all been through it. Actually the word "Basenji" does not mean "bush dog" but "patience trainer".

  • @nobarkus:

    Yes we've all been through it. Actually the word "Basenji" does not mean "bush dog" but "patience trainer".

    he, he…I like that a lot!

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