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Good question, Paula. If I had had my way the girls would have been spayed years go. My husband had bred his first pair (their parents who are still with us) and wanted to breed the girls as well. I haven't been as supportive of the idea... he still agonizes over whether the first set of puppies went to their perfect homes (they were good, loving homes, but were they perfect?) and I keep imagining two litters and the agony homing would bring him. I fully expect we would end up with at least 2-3 puppies remaining with us and going through the love/hate thing all over again.

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Before our move to the country, we had a smalle yard and I worried the pack would get bored and destructive- so I built them a treehouse. 0_1527124368085_IMG_0203.JPG
Now all they want to do in their huge yard is sit on the table on the deck- I guess I better start building another treehouse!

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Our happy b family has hit a snag- our youngest b’s- sisters- have decided, after 4 years of smooth sailing, that they hate each other. While my husband insists the aggression is one sided, I see the looks both girls shoot at each other... as a girl, if my sister shot me a look like that, it would be game on too... so I disagree with him.
Our vet has given them a clear bill of health... and recommended spaying for all the girls- which I am against because she insists it must be all the girls and our eldest is 12 years old. I just don’t feel right putting an elderly dog through that.
Currently doing the double pack thing with the ladies taking turns in their “caves” but am not sure that this is feasible for the rest of their lives.
A behaviourist was also recommended- Does doggie therapy really work?
Looking for help from the experienced experts.

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