• Caesar and Cairo wanted to say Hello and have a great Friday!!

    It is a muggy hot day in Tampa, FL. Looks like blue skies are coming our way with heat in the 85-90s…..They are just hanging out at home while I work....

    Cairo is a 6month old now and a delight to be around. He loves to do the Indy 500 on this couch, outside and loves to grab socks and run.

    Caesar just chills most of the time. He really looks regal and always looks like he is posing. He is 6 years old.

    These pics are from my camera phone so they aren't great. If they are calm in the house or outside, Cairo must be touching Caesar somehow! Cairo is such a baby and Caesar tolerates his antics.

    Anyway, we just wanted to wish you all well! Enjoy your day and take advantage of the weekend.

  • Thanks Mantis, nice thought and enjoyed the pics…...you have a Great weekend.

  • Thanks! Hello to all of you too! It was and is still a beautiful sunny morning with a blue-blue sky, 70's. I decided to take the day off and have a 3 day weekend - HOORAY!

    Loved the pics of Ceasar and Cairo. Daisy turned 6 mos old yesterday. She is also becoming more managable and a delight. (knock on wood!)

  • That is so sweet that Cairo has to be touching Caesar…..

  • I think your photos are awesome! The last one looks like that famous statue of the dog in King Tut's tomb! 🙂

  • They certainly look calm, cool and collected! Hope your weekend was nice! They are both so beautiful!

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