• My little girl is gorgeous–black and white with really pretty markings. Had a red one many years ago (about 1970) that we bought at the humane society for $3.00!! Abbey is two years old and has totally destroyed my house but is finally settling down and learning to listen some. She is so totally basenji that I think she could be transported to Africa and be instantly at home. She spots things most dogs pay no attention to such as airplanes. She sits down on the sidewalk and watches them until they're gone from sight. She is very vocal and makes some sounds that make your skin crawl. Once she saw a little boy walking down the street with his mom and she said, "ooooooh" like you'd say if you had a box of a dozen doughnuts and could eat every one. Sometimes she comes out with noises that are downright embarrassing! I'll tell the story another time about she loves to go to church. Her "grandma" has a little child's keyboard for the other grandchildren and Abbey tries to play it by touching her paws to different keys. She is also fascinated by music boxes and investigates the tv each time it comes on or goes off.

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