• Wondering if I should feed my 11 month old basenji grains, legumes, wheat and soy. We are trying out just right pitons blend and have the option to exclude those. We have tried blue buffalo and instinct but she is not too found of the kibble. We do try to feed a variety of real veggies, meats and fruits some nights but kibble is more convenient in the mornings.

  • You will likely get a lot of opinions on this. Some grains are known to be allergenic for some dogs. What is in the food you have been using and has there been any obvious problem with it apart from her not being fond of it? Digestive upsets, rash, etc.? My own preference was for dehydrated rather than kibble or canned. Easy to store but once rehydrated more palatable than hard dry food.

  • My boy eats a dehydrated food, The Honest Kitchen whole grain turkey. I got him as a 6 year old, changed his food to no grain kibble, then he developed bladder stones. It might have been coincidence but I suspect it wasn't because the kibble was also higher in protein than what Basenjis should eat. High protein consumption contributes to cystine stone formation. Protein level should be below 24%. Since your girl isn't keen on kibble, I also recommend Dr. Harvey's dehydrated foods where you add your own protein. My boy likes both dehydrated foods, The Honest Kitchen and Dr. Harvey's.

  • @senjisilly said in Grains or no grains:

    ... higher in protein than what Basenjis should eat. ... Protein level should be below 24%

    I've never heard about protein levels/complications. Which makes me want to beg for details!
    Where did you learn about that? and,
    What symptoms did you see with the bladder stones?
    Do you know if this is a universal canine issue (or Basenji specific)?

    Personally, I feed a no grain kibble with limited amounts of whatever I cook for myself. Including grains. Some oatmeal, rice, a bite of homemade bread (slathered with butter). Only when I have it and just a bite or two. That said, Doodle is well exercised and remains overweight. Extensive walks and cutting back on treats doesn't seem to be making any real progress... perhaps I should do a total switch up on her diet. (?)

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  • @eeeefarm Thank you for the feedback. What do you mean by rehydrated? Do you add liquid to the food when served? Is there any particular brands you like

  • @senjisilly thank you! I was unaware of the limited protein percentage for basenjis. I will have to make sure she is getting the right amount. I will have to look into the dehydrated food. So you add a protein every time you serve a meal. Can you give some examples please

  • I feed grain-free kibbles (switching brands often) for lunch, and raw diet for dinner! The raw rotates between all the different meats I can find here with added vegetables and fruit 🙂 Roux is taken for runs every day a couple of times a day and she seems to maintain a nice muscle tone and figure on her current diet.

  • @nyoung15 - Not just for Basenjis, but for all dogs, it is what many Vets say about high protein but I have feed grain free for years without issues. I do mix it with limited ingredient Natural Balance and I do change up food all the time...along with adding veggies every day. I never have an issue with changing foods or veggies because that is what they are used to. I also use the small bites for the kibble.

  • @nyoung15 said in Grains or no grains:

    @eeeefarm Thank you for the feedback. What do you mean by rehydrated? Do you add liquid to the food when served? Is there any particular brands you like

    I used NRG for many years, but apparently they are not longer in business, and yes, you rehydrate it with water before feeding. Don't currently have a dog so I haven't investigated other options in dehydrated food.

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