Zande Basenjis Pedigree Website database

  • Per Sally Wallis - the keeper of the Basenji Database:
    Please can you tell everyone who needs to know – basically the entire Basenji Fancy – that I have put the database on an SSL security whatsit. And therefore the address has changed slightly. I did it last night and Google hasn’t yet picked up on it but will soon, I hope.
    The database is now
    Please forward to as many people/groups who need to know.

  • Thank you very much Pat ! It was a bit hair-raising. I wanted to be sure it was an easy transition so phoned the Server. The man I spoke to was adamant. No, I would not have to make any changes, yes Google would update it, yes everything would be easy. . .

    Why did I believe him ? First thing were all kinds of 'DANGER !' messages and emails from people who could not get to the site from Google. I managed to get to it in the end, but nothing worked - so I thought carefully and realised I needed to change links in all the scripts which run the program. There are dozens of them. Then I chickened out, didn't dare upload the new scripts so I called my computer guru who came over a couple of hours later, checked my work (and found a load more to do. . . ) and we opened a couple of cans of beer, held our breath and uploaded the scripts.

    Phew ! It all worked fine, but now how to get the change publicised - I don't do FaceBook. Luckily lots of helpful people are putting the new address about, and hopefully Google will find it soon.

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