Invisible Fences Arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Venting time sorry but…....

    I get so tired of dogs on invisible fences.

    I have two neighbors that have them, one with two flopsy mopsy dogs and another with a large aggressive black lab.

    If I walk by the flopsy house, which I avoid usually, the dogs come tearing out right up to the line, freaking my dogs out. I sometimes have to run the gauntlet because across the street I see another owner walking their dog, so I have to choose, face the dog on a leash or the Flopsy Mopsies. Usually its face the Flopsies. They don't get too close to my dogs.

    With the Black lab, it lurks than attacks. I tried to walk around it in the street and the lab went through the invisible fence, yelps when it's shock, but keeps charging my dog snarling! I just stood my ground with my dog and when the lab went to attack my dog, my dog went berserk and freaked the dog out. She was not ready for a fight. The owner comes running out apologizing saying, "That's not supposed to happen"

    Needless to say I don't go that way anymore, but I'm tired and running out of options for my walks.

    My next-door neighbor has an Australian Sheppard mix that they have trained to crap & pee in our front yard. No invisible fence, just trained to stay in the yard (not!). So I'm walking down the sidewalk and just as I'm in front of their house, the owner lets the dog out. The dog charges my dog (she's the size of a collie), my dog just grabs her dog by throat and flips it on it's back holding its throat, trying to teach it some manners. The lady is all shocked and I tell her my dog is not friendly, keep your dog away from him. So a few weeks later, it happens again, the dog comes charging out and my dog does not wait, just lunges at her, biting her and she goes yelping away. She does not charge after him anymore. She's scared of him now. Still craps in our yard though.

    Then I'm walking the dogs and some big Lab puppy comes running out of no where, starts jumping all over my dogs. I was all by myself and started yelling for help. No ones around and I know my dogs will do something. A lady comes out a minute later and says to the dog "I guess we can't trust you anymore". What an idiot, she just sent the dog outside with no leash and went in the house not watching it!

    I'm at the end of MY LEASH! My dogs need regular walking. I need regular walking, but irresponsible owners abound!

    I can only do so much avoiding. Maybe I should carry pepper spray?

    My dog is fine with well behaved calm dogs most of the time. He loves this little old Pekapoo that’s blind.

    A misbehaved spastic dog he wants to put in it’s place. He wont tolerate that behavior. Again I would rather not take chances, but sometimes I have to choose which to face. I'm more worried about my dog hurting theirs. He once met a full grown Burnese Mountain Dog when he was a about a year old. The mountain was well trained. My dog automatically jumps on it's back and starts to bite it's neck like its a toy?
    The mountain dog just tosses him off her back and the owner gives me a look like "what kind of mean dog do you own?" That's how I discoverd his dislike of large long haired dogs. They just want to rip their fur out!

    A large yellow lab down the street he loves. They are a lot like people.

  • sounds like the neighborhood has gone to the dogs….

    I would suggest inviting your local animal shelter to bring their vet van to your neighborhood and having them host something like free shots. You can express your frustration to them and they can inform the neighborhood of the local leash laws.

    you could have a pet appreciation day/ block party...

  • You could also try the boat horn thing. Scare the crap out of the dog when they coming running up to you.

  • I've got into the habit of using DIRECT STOP which is a citronella based spray to keep off leash dogs away. Unfortunately people in my 'hood don't like leashes :mad:

    Direct Stop is safe to use on dogs & will help you out of these situations. You could also work on your own dogs that they remain calm & focus on you when another dog is wandering about…this way you all can get out of these situations safe & sound.

  • ha ha, I like the boat horn idea…..

    Man, talk about aggrivating. Nothing worse than following the leash laws and trying to enjoy your walk together and someone else destroys your fun out of their laziness, or lack of caring about others

  • I think it is lack of caring. You never know what the other dog is going to do. I had a boxer that if a dog ever came charging at him he would have ripped them apart.

  • It's pretty bad…especially at night (what are people thinking??!! :mad:) when some dog just rolls up on you from the's not only scary for me but for my DOGS too!

    I've learned to scoop up my dogs one under each arm if the dog is small but if it's a large dog then I pull out my direct's so annoying.

  • You gotta love the next door neighbor who has the dog that is trained to do its business on your lawn only. And of course…they never clean it up. A few years ago I lived in a house where my neighbor had a dog named Cappy. We would call that darn dog Crappy since thats all it did in our yard. She would deny that her dog would do that....and we didin't have a dog at that time! Argh!!!!! I got to the point where everytime Crappy pooped on my yard, I threw the poo back on hers. Ok..gross I know but I got tired of picking it up. Its her mess and it should be on her yard. 😉

  • You know, there's a squirrel proof bird feeder out there that gives a little electrical shock when the squirrels go on it-hmmmm not nice for the dogs, but the owners now-do you think we can rig one up so that when the owner comes out of his house we can shock him??? Oh, aren't I sadistic.

  • Two 26 pound dogs are a wriggling hand full to just scoop up

    Invisable fence owners, I find 90% of the time send the dogs out on their own without anyone watching them and NEVER walk them.

    I guess it's similar to us sending ours out in our fenced in yard, but we always keep an eye on them, keep the house's door sightly open (the girl opens the sliding glass door on her own if it's not locked). The problem is when strange dogs come into contact without one side being supervised.

    Our yard in the winter for those in New Mexico! You can see our fence in the Basenji exhibit/compound

    Our neihbors dog, when close to the house, sees a car coming and charges fast as it can right to the curb, like it's going to run right in front of the car, then stops. The car usually slams it's brakes on, really upset!

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