• @dandydog and immediately after.. it's hard work standing still on the counterSnapchat-868797980.jpg

  • @dandydog WOW! He's exquisite! Stunning color. Just WOW! As to weight... I need @tanza and @zande to chime in. He looks a tad thin to me. But, they have decades more experience than I do. Damn, he's a good looking Basenji.

  • @jengosmonkey Thank you so much! I think he's a pretty handsome guy ☺️ He did go to the vet quite recently (getting confirmation on some mild seasonal allergies), and she said he was at a perfect weight, though I certainly trust breeders the most. He is on a special diet made for his age and weight to maintain at his activity level, as well, and he's putting on that weight at a good rate!

  • @dandydog - He looks good, but for me as a breeder I prefer to have a bit extra weight on pups. This is just in case that they catch a bug.... they have a little extra on them. Other than that he looks great. Just a FYI about feeding... over the years and years that I had and bred Basenjis, they all eat the same thing.... even baby puppies.... If you are feeding good quality food there is really no reason that a baby puppy can't eat and thrive on the same food as the adults. But that is just me. Care to share his breeding, Sire/Dam name? Many of us are related by our Basenjis here.

  • I like puppies to be plump ! You can fine him down again when he is about 6 months old. Basenjis grow at different speeds - sometimes they go right up on the back legs and then the front legs catch up. Or the other way around. They level off in the end.
    You want to be able to fit another half Basenji inside his skin when he is fully grown. The skin needs to be supple and feel loose between your fingers.
    He certainly has a wonderfully glossy coat which is a sure sign of excellent condition.
    Yes please, do share his pedigree details - Mom, Dad, date of birth etc. And We can make sure he features in the on-line Pedigree database.

  • @dandydog said in Avg. 5 Month Weight?:

    pls excuse the kitchen mess

    You might regret letting him up on the kitchen counter! 🤣
    He's gorgeous!! (I ❤ Brindles!)
    Love his nails, too! Nice trim job!

  • @zande He was born December 31, his dam is Zabine via Zama, and his sire is Klay from the Kongo. And I will definitely be putting some weight on him, thank you for the tip! His skin is very stretchy lol. Thank you for the compliment on his coat - he's been the healthiest little boy 🙂

  • @elbrant Thank you so much!! Thankfully, he's not quite tall enough to figure it out on his own yet 😆 We worked very hard on paw handling so we're able to keep them nice and short!

  • @dandydog - I was able to find his dam on Zande's pedigree site... did your pup come from Harmony Hounds?

  • @dandydog
    He’s beautiful!❤

  • Handsome New Year's Eve baby! That'll be an easy birthday to remember LOL

  • @dandydog Thank you for this, I will add him to the database just as soon as you tell us HIS name ! We know Dad, Mom, and date of birth but what his is registered name ? Or if he isn't registered (yet) what will be his name. Failing that, how can I enter him ?

  • Our boy is 5.5 months and he just weighted at 8.9 kg. Quite the difference, but he seems fine to me. I've been using the "feel the ribs" cue + this calculator: [URL removed}

  • I've never, ever weighed a puppy. My eyes tell me what I need to know. Same with adults. You can generally see at a glance what the body condition is, especially with short haired dogs like Basenjis!

  • @eeeefarm It comes with experience, I suppose. But for a first time dog owner, it's not as simple :p. Everything it's a learning process.

  • [URL removed]

    I used this when my boy was a baby and if he was underweight I would increase his food and if he was on the right track I would keep the same amount.

    It’s good to have a look at the dogs behind your pup to see how the dogs in his lines turned out full grown if they was compact, slim etc.

    I feed raw and used this guide


    An adult dog needs around 2 – 3 % of their total body weight each day. To maintain your dog's weight 2.5% and to fatten up a skinny dog 3%. For a porky pooch it is recommended to reduce to 2% to help slim. Puppies may need up to need up to 8 - 10 % of their bodyweight to aid growth.

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