• after working with Kiora for the 12 days I've had her…today she accepted her crate! I have been feeding her in it every day and putting her in there for her midday chew toy...she would eat her food or chew her bully stick and when she was done she would cry and scratch and carry on and I would wait until she settled until I let her out...well today after she ate her breakfast she settled in for a nap! AND when she wake up she waited quietly to be let back out! and then I was told that while I was working she went into the crate volentarily to take another nap! WooHoo! This is my first time using a crate and I am thrilled that she has accepted it..especially being intoduced to it at this age. now i can buy her a nice cushy crate pad instead of using cheap towels that can stand to be ruined. O.k maybe a sturdy crate pad..lol.I am so proud of my crate trained girl!:D

  • Yay! congrats…that is so important, and so wonderful when it happens so easily 🙂

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