• I wonder if Banjo is part Basenji.

    He is a curious and sweet little guy; I've never had a dog quite like him.

    Yodels/screams in crate
    Very talkative
    Barks at strangers to guard his property - this was learned after a year, he didn't bark really the first year
    Wrinkly forehead
    One ear up, one ear down
    Doesn't care for other dogs but tolerates them if he must
    Amazingly quick at learning tricks, he will "get" a new trick and have it memorized in less than five minutes
    Short legs, but maybe this is another breed in his mix
    Very cuddly, but on his own terms. I've forced him to become more affectionate, whoops. Can't help myself.
    Does not like to lick faces.
    Enjoys sitting on his side (see images)
    Sometimes I feel like he behaves more like a cat
    Likes to be "up" on things - will lay on the back of the couch
    Likes to go for hikes
    Perfect off leash - stays by my side or runs ahead and then back to me
    Expressive eyes and face

    By all appearances his father was a miniature pinscher (or min pin mix). I'm wondering what else he could have in him without doing genetic testing. I can't wait to hear what you think!

    Some of these images were taken right before we adopted him. I've definitely been overfeeding him.


  • Interesting little fellow.... I don't see Basenji, but I am a bit perplexed. Perhaps Chihuahua and Beagle? Hard to tell on this one. But, the important part is that you love him and that makes him a lucky little boy!

  • @elbrant I have wondered about the beagle as well, but he has very little scent drive. The yodeling and hypoallergenic are what made me wonder...
    Thanks for your input! I am obsessed with the little guy.

  • He could be part Rat terrier. He looks very similar to a dog in the park I go to, however she is a Jack Russell and Staffordshire bull terrier mix.

    You will only really know his mix with a DNA test.

    He has quiet a long body which may also mean he could have little bit of dachshund inside.

    None the less is gorgeous!

  • For starters, Basenjis are NOT hypoallergenic ! but does it matter what he is - you love each other and that is the important thing -
    He's cute !

  • @libstrong Yeah, our standard answer has been... get a DNA test to get a bit more certainty. But, who cares really. He is what he is. I love his doughnut bagel tail. He sounds like a fantastic doggie! Smart, affectionate, sticks with you on walks... sounds like an awesome little dude to me. Welcome to forum too!

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