• Hey everyone just wanted to introduce the newest member of our family. His name is Solar.50F3AC43-1E8F-4E5C-9854-C9895BDBD757.jpeg

  • Congrats on a very pretty baby. Care to share the sire/dam? Many of us here are related with our Basenjis. Welcome

  • Of course I'd love to. Any info is good info as this is my first Basenji puppy. The sire was Nocturnal Masugoodfortune and dam was Raven Beloved lack Schultz. Would love to hear of any relatives.

  • @foster1286 said in Meet Solar: Thanks for the information. Not finding the sire/dam on the Zande Pedigree site? Do you know if the sire/dam are registered with AKC? Most are registered and we can find them on http://www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com
    for example one of mine is GCH DC
    Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri
    Did find this sire Nocturnals Masud Good Fortune but not the dam of this pup?

  • I am not 100% sure. I believe they both are registered through AKC as the breeder said I would get my AKC registration for the puppy once he is neutered. I may have misspelled their names as I'm reading it off the contract where they were handwritten in. That may in fact be the sire. I'll ask the breeder if she can send me the parents AKC registration numbers.

  • @foster1286 I looked on the AKC website just now and yes, Dad is registered as Nocturnals Masud Good Fortune. I can't find Mom though.

    Sarah (Nocturnals) has an idea that pedigree data is a breach of privacy (!) which is a shame. I would love to know the parents and make sure your wee one is included in the on-line pedigree database but I do need to know the registered names of both the parents and the boy.

  • Well… he’s awesome! A super cutie. Look at those feets. Big ol puppy feets. And ya just know that lil’ guy still has puppy breath. Bottle that stuff and save it for lt for later. It’ll help you remember the good times when he eats your wallet in a few months. 🤣 just kiddin’. Congratulations on finding one another! Love your little dude. 👊😁👍

  • @foster1286 - Thanks for the post. I have to say that it is not a common practice (from responsible breeders) to withhold papers pending a spay/neuter since it is recommended that papers are signed to the buyer at time of purchase. AKC papers can be marked by the breeder as not breeding stock and to further that many times a breeder will be a co-owner until conditions of the contract are completed. I have never withheld papers unless there was a issue with payment. Also there would be a slip from AKC that is the litter registration. Each pup has the same (in the US) AKC number and only the last two digits indicated the individual pup.... As in this is my C-Me's AKC registration number
    HP364878/06, the 06 at the end indicates she was #6 in the litter, the other pups would be 01 through how ever many were in the litter, typically in birth order. C-Me was one of 7 pups, all bitches (6) and one Male.

  • Thank you for all the info and if I can get more info on his mother I will include it.

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