Thoughts on a Breeder in Africa for new foundation lines?

  • Hi all,

    After 2 years of research and finding no registered Basenji Breeders in Africa, we are considering a small limited breeding of African Basenji's, born in Africa, in order to cultivate possible new foundation lines for breeders around the world. Unfortunately, as there are no Basenji Breeders in my country, finding a mentor is difficult and any advice would be welcome.
    Just to highlight, this is not a "set in stone" plan, just an idea we had to possibly help preserve or assist the breed.

  • @danninyx - Hello, I sent you an email as response to your email to me about your request. You can read about the imports at and I included Katie Campbell who has successfully brought early Africa imports into her breeding program. She would be the most informed to help you, I believe.

  • Get in touch with Marie Knight. She no longer breeds but should be able to help you. I am pretty sure she still has a website.

  • @danninyx - I believe that Katie Campbell email you and I that she will respond after she returns from shows this weekend. I believe that she will be able to help in some form...

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