• @beth314 - Most people showing Basenjis these days don't take off whiskers any longer. Nails need to be done but of course they should be done at least every two wks. Bath is needed, you want the white to be white... and tails should be trimmed up especially if bushy. Honestly they need to be trained and you need to know how to set them up, called stacking so the judge can go over them, especially when in the table for the exam. Judges want to see a well behaved dog. And you need a show collar and lead and teach them how to move correctly.

  • @tanza yes, lots to learn. it was a bad scene with covid and veterinary appointments so she is not off to a good start with "strangers" handling her. No way on gawd's green earth I'm going to cut her whiskers. Any more than I would crop a dog's ears or dock a tail. Sheesh. A bath, nails, clean - makes sense.

    She is a stunning girl but I suppose we all think that about our amazing Bs! 🙂

  • @beth314 - It is most important that she accepts handling in the exam table for showing, Judges go over the dogs while you have them in a conformation stack on the table. If you would like to send me pictures of her my email can be found below in my website and also her pedigree. Note that to show at AKC shows she must be registered

  • Following all the things Pat, @tanza, suggested. Make sure you play/handle you pup's feet so she/he doesn't pull their feet away when touched. You should also practice with their head/face and manually showing their teeth. I know how to do it, I do not know how to describe the technique. Perhaps Pat can.

  • watching the video I see these Bs all have a very white neck "collar". Mind doesn't with more blend of red/white. I'll try to get some pics; the ones I have were when she was very young.

  • When I regularly showed all or some of the pack, I made everyone who came to the house go over a dog and look at teeth. Postman, milk delivery boy, casual visitors. The more they are handled by different people the better.

    Personally, I always ask the handler if they would like to show me the teeth when I judge. There used to be judges who undid Basenji tails ! I smacked the hand of one such away, telling her there was no need for that. Needless to say, I didn't place ! (But I noticed she didn't do it to subsequent dogs that day).

    I have never bathed a dog before a show. They are always very clean, even this morning though the woods were very muddy. By the time we arrived home, both were pristine. And I love bushy tails ! Trimmed whiskers do NOT get my vote either.

  • @zande said in Complete newbie to showing:

    Trimmed whiskers do NOT get my vote either.

    It used to be a thing, both dogs and horses. But I have not been in a show ring with a dog since the '80's. Never liked the idea of trimming whiskers, and with horses you were expected to trim excess hair on face, including whiskers, hair around eyes, inside of ears and outlining the jaw line. Most horses didn't appreciate it! I worked with my Arab gelding without a halter, loose in the barn aisle. When he got uncomfortable with the clippers he was free to walk away.

    Basenjis keep themselves so clean you seldom need to bathe them. I had a husky/shepherd crossbred that was the same way. Put a muddy dog in the barn at night, open the door to a perfectly clean one in the morning!

  • @eeeefarm said in Complete newbie to showing:

    ... I had a husky/shepherd crossbred that was the same way. Put a muddy dog in the barn at night, open the door to a perfectly clean one in the morning!

    What the...? Did they wipe themselves with a horse? 😂

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