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    @basenjinyla - Typically in the winter with the first frost, heart worm is not needed till spring. I give heartworm only year round because in No. California we really don't always get a hard frost for winter and since we travel for shows, it is safer to give the heartworm then not... IMO. That depends on the area...

    I'd heard that recently... that some people only give heartworm pills for 6 months. NuHeart looks to be the generic version of HeartGaurd Plus. Ingredients are exactly the same, yet NuHeart is half the cost. Thanks for the heads up!

    On the intestinal worms... the fecal analysis cost was about $45/pup. Not too bad. I don't think we've ever dewormed a dog that we've had. I've not researched it, but giving my dog a pill to make him poop excessively just seems wrong to me. I'm not saying I'm right. I just hate the idea of it.

  • @jengosmonkey - NuHeart only does Heartworm, Heartguard Plus has meds for roundworms & hookworm. And people that give heartworm for 6 months are typically people that live in climates that have a cold winter, ie: when the ground freezes. We do not have that in this part of No. California so I give it year round.

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