It is normal for Fanconi dogs to have anemia??

Have you tested for Fanconi? DNA test? Did it show that the Basenji was Afflicted for Fanconi? Has the Venous Blood Gases been done? Have you given your Vet the protocol? And you Vet can contact Dr. Gonto for his opinion....about Anemia... It would depend on the blood work associated with Fanconi.

Interesting question... is your pup affected by either of these issues?

I have seen it many times. I’ve also seen that frequently those with anemia also have secondary hyperparathyroidism (checked via ionized calcium and PTH blood tests). When the PTH is properly corrected with calcitriol, I’ve seen that mild anemia is also corrected.

@debbie It has been my experience that Fanconi b’s do much better when issues are identified early. There are multiple possibilities as to the source of anemia in a Fanconi b. It is important to address the cause. I’ve found some vets are too willing to just write it off as a “Fanconi” problem when it has often been something that could be addressed.

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